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Work From Home Opportunities – What’s the Verdict?

Work From Home Opportunities – What’s the Verdict?

Work from home. Such fleeting words. Like many cash strapped Americans out there, you come home from the stale job, with barely-if any- disposable income. However, on this day, you decide that you want to make a little more extra money. So naturally you type into Google something along the lines of ” How to make extra money”, and push the enter button.

Voila! Thousands upon thousands of results pop up, with ads featuring many types of ways to get rich quick, or work from home. You click on them, they’re interesting. You see all types of sales pages, with bold words and bright coloring. You’re given ‘testimonials’ of people who have just made so much money in such a short amount of time, by just sitting at their desk. You still, however, have no idea what they’re offering despite all the hype. The price? Oh, only $39.99. Hm.

So like most their first time, you decide to give it a shot… only to be given the run around, and perhaps part of the products you were promised to get started. You request a refund because of the ’30 day money back guarantee’, only to discover that after 2 weeks of requesting, it’s probably gone forever. You grow upset because you know the truth deep down… it was a scam.

I believe it’s safe to say that work from home opportunities is a mine field at the very least. I’ve been there myself, but after getting burned so many times, I began to get smarter when it came to identifying legitimate ones from fake ones. What I’ve found is that half the battle with these is simply in identifying the true ones from the fakes. Not only this, but the few legitimate opportunities out there have to suffer for the bad, which is unfortunate.

Over time, developing this experience has helped me to save quite a load of time, and money, which is two of our most valuable assets, would you agree? So I feel I wanted to take some time to throw out a few pointers, and things to look for when on the journey to find that perfect work from home opportunity:

  1. Is the sales page over hyped? If you have to scroll for miles just to get to the bottom, chances are this is the case. They’re trying to make themselves seem ‘full proof’.
  2. Is the sales price outrageous? This of course depends on the individuals’ disposable income, but this is a fairly easy one. Why should you have to make such a huge financial investment? I’d avoid.
  3. Does it cost anything to sign up? I believe if a company really wants to grow, you shouldn’t be charged to get their name out there. I’d avoid.
  4. Does the company have a bad reputation? Google search forums that discuss the company. Don’t be blind to only the good experiences, consider the bad ones as well.
  5. How long has this company been around? Companies that have been around for years are much more likely to have a decent reputation and performance. Scams come and go.

In my personal opinion, I believe legitimate opportunities are out there. I hope that these pointers will help you if you decide to partake in the journey of finding a opportunity that is best suited for you. If you feel uncomfortable with one, trust your gut, and move on to the next. Be careful, It’s a minefield out there. Lets do our best to reward the companies doing the right thing, and avoid the ones who aren’t.

Source by Jonathan Weeks

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