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Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

Under the current world Covid-19 pandemic, we all need to say a big Thank You Coronavirus Helpers” for the unselfish contributions of the many unsung heroes. The way in which they all coped with this exceptionally difficulty has shown the world their true skills as concerned human beings. There are many undesirable situations cropping up and challenging people in their roles as emergency workers, medics, researchers, cleaners, volunteers or even night shelter personnel seeing to the needs of the homeless.

These problems can be internal – such as with assistants or employees not having proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), or external forces i.e. uncertainty of not knowing when the pandemic will end. For the Coronavirus helpers to have stayed so strong in these moments, has shown that we can all grow as individuals and learn from their unique experience.

If a disease like Covid-19 can teach wisdom beyond our understanding of how precarious and precious life is, the Coronavirus has certainly offered us two profound lessons.

  1. The first one is that within a globalized world our lives are so intertwined that the idea of viewing ourselves as islands – irrespective of being nations, communities or individuals, should be firmly dispelled. We were always bound together as a common species beyond national and international borders. Just think World Health Organisation, Doctors Without Borders or whatever global bodies, whether you believed in their good intentions or not.
  2. The second lesson closely parallels the first and is about the fragmented approach to problem solving. Despite having the benefit of modern technology enabling rapid information sharing, ideological differences have unfortunately impacted on efficiency and this will be even more exposed as the Covid-19 crisis deepens. Why should there be an issue of sharing say surgical masks and other essential medical equipment with countries where it’s needed just because of trade embargoes?

This incidence of Coronavirus lockdowns and working from home, fortunately gives us “Time to Think”. In her book of the same name, Nancy Kline refers to “a model of human interaction that dramatically improves the way how people think, work and live”. The importance of the goodwill and a caring spirit cannot be underestimated, because it is an exceptional opportunity for people, organisations and even countries to come out of their comfort zone.

Herewith we once again Salute the Coronavirus Helpers who has done exactly that. They subscribe to the words of Dr Thomas A Harris [Author of OK Words] who so eloquently state that;

“People cannot and do not want to live unrelated to other people. We are responsible to and for one another, and this responsibility is the ultimate claim imposed on all men alike”.

We must however not underestimate the enormous longer-term economic impact on indebted companies or those with poor cash flows. Equally affected will be companies that cannot remain open, cannot employ people or cannot make debt payments. Most ordinary workers will be affected, and their livelihoods threatened, with non-contracted workers, casual laborers and freelancers most at risk. It is therefore essential that everyone capable should be looking at Extra Income Earning Opportunities During Coronavirus via a Plan B. This is to ensure continued cashflow and households not experiencing severe financial hardship, especially during this Covid-19 lockdown period. Please check our Products Page for more information.

We can certainly build new relations during and after the Covid-19 challenge from a different perspective, due to the positive attitudes and behavioural changes that are championed by our unsung heroes. Once again therefore a Big Thank You Coronavirus Helpers, for your humane and unselfish efforts in making the world a better place for those most in need.

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