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Making Extra Money in the USA During Covid-19

Making Extra Money in the USA During Covid-19

Making Extra Money in the USA During Covid-19

Making extra money in the USA during Covid-19, is no longer a buzzword but an absolute reality for financially struggling American citizens.  At the time of writing in April 2020, the US is now facing the highest percentage rise in unemployment in its history. This is a surge that is not only highlighting income inequality across the nation, but also comes as the global economy goes into a complete nosedive.

It is a forgone conclusion that this situation will exacerbate in the months ahead, and that the risk of a worldwide economic crisis in 2020 is creeping upon all of us, as countries shutdown economic activity to limit the spread of COVID-19. As manufacturing is cut around the world, many companies will certainly not have required inputs. The infection outbreak has interrupted manufacturing supply chains as well as dramatically curtailed commodity demand, with a negative influence on all US and global industries.

The US Federal government initiatives to extend credit rating terms for families and companies is welcomed but might not come in time to ultimately result in significant financial debt defaults. We are in unchartered economic waters with governments going through a process of action learning i.e. learning by doing when dealing with the economic dangers of shutting down industries and services, whilst asking residents to engage in social distancing.

Working from home has become the new norm, but for many it comes with having to adjust to working remotely. Job losses in the hospitality, services, contracting and freelance arenas have been massive, and people are scrambling to make up for the financial shortfall in whatever way possible. Many face hard choices regarding their regular bills that still needs to be paid whilst being on reduced earnings or sometimes no earnings at all.

The immediate impact of the Coronavirus Downturn has been felt by many workers under the age of thirty, who are still in the process of establishing themselves and building up financial reserves. This has now accelerated the need for earning extra money and filling that financial hole that is only going to get bigger.

Looking at online marketing opportunities seems to be a favored option, due to the low cost of entry, and being able to “work from home”, as per the new norm.

There are many options available, including websites that will pay you take surveys, fill out forms and try out products online. Others include affiliate marketing programs and doing administrative tasks. But be very careful with who you give your personal information to, or your money and please do your due diligence and research. The internet is full of scammers and scam artists as well as legitimate and honest businesses. For the serious internet marketer, however, many of these websites prove to be a waste of time because so much work goes into so little reward.

There are a lot of ways to make money online, just as there are an unbelievable amount of ways offline, but the latter is becoming a huge challenge under Covid-19 lockdown and restricted trading conditions.  Yes, it is true that you must work hard in order to make the big bucks online but think about the potential payoff. You won’t see instant riches will have to make a few mistakes before finding something big. score.

It is however better both from a personal and psychological perspective, to know that you are actively doing something to earn extra money during Coronavirus Lockdown, that waiting on the Federal US Government to rescue you.

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Good Luck and Please TAKE ACTION!


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