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How to Make Money During a Recession – Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money During a Recession – Affiliate Marketing

The phone calls never stopped; bill collectors are a determined lot and I was actually pretty happy when the phone company shut our service off for non-payment. I had lost my job and the end was near. If I could not figure out how to make money during this recession, life as we once knew it would be gone. Late one night as I paced the floors with worry, I got an email from a friend. She was in the same boat as we were. Her husband had lost his job and they nearly lost their home… but then she discovered two little words that changed her life: Affiliate Marketing! 

I sure hope you have not stopped reading! I nearly did but this was a good friend of mine who would not lead me down the wrong path. Yes, lack of money can make people do desperate things but she would not take advantage of me and my family by getting us involved in some hair-brained Internet Marketing scheme, of that I was sure.

I read the email and she was talking about how she had come across a way to make extra money during this recession. It was called Affiliate Marketing and the idea behind it was pretty simple and made a lot of sense. You would find a crowd of people who had a desperate need or desire and then match them up with someone who had what they were hungry for. Find a starving crowd, see what they are hungry for and then give it to them… yes, that sounded straight forward enough.

Seems a lot of people all over the world are hungry for information that will help them solve a problem they have. Things like how to lose weight, how to save their marriage, how to save energy, how to fix their plumbing, how to start a vegetable garden… you name it, the list is endless. Through Affiliate Marketing you find someone who has written a book that solves these problems and sign up to promote their product for free. Now I’m not talking physical books here, I’m talking about digital, online books that people can read right on their computer screens as soon as they make payment. When an online purchase is made you will receive a generous commission for your efforts from the creator of the product.

And you know what? These books do not have printing and shipping costs associated with them so the commissions the owners pay out are incredibly high! It is so amazing but you definitely need to know what you are doing, but once you do, the amount of money you can make online with Affiliate Marketing is quite amazing! Recession, what recession?

Source by Alice Byers

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