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Month: March 2021

How to Make Money Online for Free – Verified Methods

How to Make Money Online for Free – Verified Methods

Making money with Google AdSense

Successful bloggers make quite a lot of money from advertisements that are showed on their websites. One of the easiest ad programs to implement on your blog, if you have one, is Google AdSense. Millions of businesses use the program, and, if you are capable of drawing a lot of visitors to your website, you will get quite a nice profit from it.

How to make money online for free as a freelancer

In order to start earning money on the Internet, you do not need to invest anything. Your set of skills can be in high demand, as plenty of businesses now outsource some of their needs online. For instance, you can sell your skills as a graphic designer, as a writer or as a programmer, through websites where freelancers can find plenty of work.

Online surveys

For marketing companies, it is much easier to complete their research using the World Wide Web, instead of sending agents on the field to gather information. You can earn a decent extra income by completing online surveys for such companies. All that is required is a bit of your time and attention for completing the surveys accurately. This is how to make money online for free, without investing anything.

Become an affiliate marketer

For people who run successful websites with many visitors, it is a great idea to start earning cash as an affiliate marketer. The one thing they need to do is to find programs that are similar or have things in come with the things they already write about and for which they have an interested audience.

Affiliate marketing can bring a lot of extra income, when done right, and when there is not already too much competition. Invest some time in finding an interesting niche, and you can earn great cash by selling other people’s programs to interested buyers.

Selling domain names

An interesting activity that can bring you the necessary extra income to make ends meet is to purchase and then sell domain names. Be creative and find interesting names for domains; they are easy and cheap to buy, and later, you can sell them for a profit. These are just a few ideas on how to make money online for free. The Internet is filled with opportunities for people who have more time than money on their hands, and running some simple searches will bring you great ideas on how to start earning, too.

Source by John Tahan

The Negative Side of Love

The Negative Side of Love

When a relationship passes through its initial heady, intoxicating days into something a little more calm and sustainable this can be the time when niggles and discontent can start to appear. Sometimes the things that were found to be endearing can become an irritant as we perhaps begin to wish our partner was more decisive, motivated, ambitious, responsible.

Research has found that after approximately three years people start to be less tolerant and more irritable with their partners.

– Money is often a source of stress. There can be annoyance if one person is seen to be irresponsible or disrespectful of the household budget, perhaps is selfish or careless with money. Discussing how each other feels openly and honestly can help understand each others point of view and become more aware of the issues.

– Family matters can be fraught especially if one person is close to their family and the other doesn’t care too much for them. Often both partners want an acknowledgment of how they feel, an appreciation of how difficult the situation is for them. Compromise can be the way forward in this situation, perhaps both agreeing to attend important family events together and then being more flexible about meetings with family at other times.

– Bathrooms cause an inordinate amount of distress in families. The length of time that a person spends in the bathroom or the mess that they leave behind them can cause rows and serious bad feeling. Discussing this and being aware of each other’s schedule can help to better accommodate this situation and enable everyone to appreciate how unpleasant it is to enter a messy, dirty bathroom.

– Work can seem like the extra person in a relationship. Many people spend increasing time at work as they struggle to keep their boss and clients happy. Agreeing a better work/life balance is important from a relationship and a health point of view. Both parties can feel undervalued in this situation. One person can feel that they are working long hours to earn money and support the family. The other can feel that they are being left to run the home, family and household on their own, with little or no support and interest. Talking and agreeing on a better solution can help.

– Important hobbies and interests can take over. Some people have absorbing hobbies and interests than can require increasing amounts of time, money and commitment. Following a sport, being interested in local theatre or even having demanding friends can make increasing inroads into a person’s free time. If their partner is disinterested in these areas it can require compromise and co-operation to find a way through this dilemma.

– Chores can be an interesting source of disharmony. Many households have jobs that are automatically designated as his or hers. They may appear to be shared evenly but the reality can be that some jobs may be daily whilst others are occasional. Some jobs may take less time than others. And also one person may arrive home earlier than the other and it makes sense for them to start preparing the meal or tidying around. Being fair and respectful of each other is important to avoid one person feeling that they are being treated as staff.

Relationship counselling can be a helpful way to address resentments and improve communications, particularly if a couple feel that their problems are escalating. It can deal with problems, jealousies and under-currents early on and avoid them becoming a more serious problem.

Source by Susan Leigh

Your Guide to Teeth Whitening While Tanning

Your Guide to Teeth Whitening While Tanning

We live in a fast paced society. People are always looking for a way to save time and money. This is why teeth whitening while tanning has become so popular. Individuals that have paying hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars to have their teeth whitened, are now able to do it in minutes and for pennies on the dollar while they tan. An activity like tanning that is done on a regular basis helps to keep your both skin tan and your teeth white.

Tanning in itself typically makes teeth appear whiter as your skin gets darker. Carbamide peroxide is a chemical that is activated by the UV rays in the tanning bed. It accelerates that average teeth whitening process. Using whitening strips or gels can take weeks to notice a difference. The dentist’s whitening treatment is costly and does not have the dramatic effects of teeth whitening while tanning.

The average whitening while tanning products can be used every day but results are best seen in 8 to 30 minute tanning sessions every other day. Final results at this rate can be noticed in just 5 days. If you don’t tan that often you can still use the tanning teeth strips and expect the same results just over a longer period of time.

Worried about teeth whitening while tanning side effects? Don’t be, Other than the expected sensitivity and irritated gums that is sometimes experienced by people using any type of teeth whitening products, you don’t have to expect any symptoms or reactions. If you start to experience any side effects stop using the whitening agents for a few days. If these side effects fail to subside or more serious side effects occur, contact your doctor.

The teeth whitening while tanning does require regular maintenance. If you stop using the teeth whitener you will see your teeth go back to their original color. Most salons that offer this amenity include it in a package for just a few extra dollars and make it easy for you to add it to your tanning routine. This started gaining popularity is LA and Tampa and has become a nation wide trend. Ask your salon if they plan to offer teeth whitening in the near future.

Source by Brad Grayson

Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs

Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Programs

Pay per click affiliate programs are programs which allow you to sell advertising space on your website and get paid when people click through these ads from your website to another website. Google AdSense is the most popular contextual pay per click affiliate program but by no means the only pay per click option. Some other pay per click affiliate programs you may wish to try out are Yahoo’s Publisher Network, Bidvertiser, AdBrite, SearchFeed or ClickSor.

Google and Yahoo are the biggest search engines on the Internet and just as Google has AdSense, Yahoo has it’s publisher network. In order to be considered for the Yahoo publisher’s network you need to have a valid US social security or tax ID and your website needs to be predominantly in English and targeted at the USA. If your website fulfills these criteria you can start placing their adverts on your website and earning commission on each valid click sent.

Bidvertiser is another pay per click affiliate program that offers AdSense style adverts for your website. Bidvertiser always shows the highest bidders on your website and has a low payout cost of $10 which is paid either through PayPal or check. You are also able to block any unwanted ads which you do not want to show and generate reports to monitor your performance.

AdBrite allows you to sell AdSense style advertising space on your website at your own rates and with you controlling the approval process. AdBrite then takes care of the other aspects such as billing, serving, scheduling, etc.

SearchFeed is also a pay per click advertising program similar to Google AdSense but where you can choose the keywords you want your adverts to target. You have a number of different advert options including a error page 404 traffic capturer, allowing you to make money off these error messages. Payment is also through PayPal and you have a number of reporting options.

ClickSor is another contextual advertising program like AdSense but which has a number of advertising options including text links, text banners, graphical banners, pop-unders, XML feeds, layer ads and search boxes and offers up to 85% revenue or profit share. Payment is made either through PayPal or a check payment.

Google AdSense, AdBrite, Bidvertiser, ClickSor, SearchFeed, the Yahoo’s Publisher Network and many other contextual advertising and pay per click affiliate programs offer a great way for you to monetize your blogs, add an additional revenue source to your website and make some extra money. Each have their own unique benefits and offer you the chance to decide which option will work best for your website.

Source by Ran Aroussi

Career Advice: Why a Recession Could Be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to You

Career Advice: Why a Recession Could Be the Best Thing to Ever Happen to You

A recession could be the best thing to happen to your career. Yes, you read that right. And, it’s not for the usual reasons, ie, start a business, become a stay-at-home mom/dad, reassess goals, etc.

No, a recession can be a good thing for you because it is the best time to shine, to make some real progress. Following is why.

Career Advice on How to Handle Job Loss and Layoffs: It’s Your Time to Shine

During a recession, jobs are lost and layoffs happen. Those left behind are usually asked to take on more responsibility. And, while many workers spend their time groaning and complaining about this, you can really take this as an opportunity to shine, in a couple of ways.

Attitude: When the chips are down is when a person’s true character shines. The attitude you bring to work every day can either boost your value in your organization eyes, or lower it. While all of the hard intangibles like the right skill set, education and experience are always important, it’s the soft intangibles like attitude, mindset and logic that can propel you to the next level.

Who would you rather work with — someone who complains about the direness of the situation or someone who comes in with an upbeat, can-do attitude? As employees spend most of their waking hours at the office, the tone set there can have a major affect on other areas of their lives.

These are nuances any professional dispensing career advice can underscore for you.

Volunteer: Another way that you can make an impression if your company has undergone layoffs is to voluntarily take on more work. As mentioned before, this is a difficult time for everyone – from top management on down to mailroom personnel.

Your boss likely has a ton of additional pressures that most subordinates have no idea about. Stepping up and volunteering for extra work during this time can really make you stand out. Why? Because many of your co-workers will be complaining about all of the extra work that they’re doing for no additional pay.

Going to your boss and expressing a desire to “pitch in any way you can” during this difficult transition will not only make you look good, it will undoubtedly be a release valve for some of their stress. They won’t have to worry about assigning someone to a task, wondering how they’re going to take it, if they’ll do the best job, will they have to constantly check it, etc.

While you will be in for some extra work, this is an excellent opportunity to learn new tasks, making you all the more invaluable to your organization.

This the kind of career advice that keeps many employed, while others live in constant fear of losing their jobs.

Career Advice on What to Do If You Lose Your Job: Is a Recession Still the Best Thing for Your Career?

“But,” you may be thinking, “what if after all of this I get laid off?”

There are things we control in life and things we can’t control. If you get laid off after you’ve been a trooper with a good attitude and taking on extra work, you can take solace in two things:

(i) You were grace under pressure: When you bring your best self to a task/situation, take comfort in the fact that you put your best foot forward. You didn’t join the ranks of complainers. You rolled up your sleeves and got the job done. There’s grace in knowing that you leave that kind of impression.

(ii) Good reference: First, your boss is going to hate to let you go if you’ve done the above. And, they will go out of their way to help you land your next position. Once they get the call from your next potential employer, you can bet that insight about how you handled yourself during the difficult times will be a part of their referral.

And who knows, your current company might ask you to do consulting work or rehire you in the future. The point is, if you’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty, you will be remembered because it is so rare for people to react this way when faced with job loss.

While a recession is never hoped for, like everything in life, the economy is cyclical. Recessions are bound to happen a few times throughout your professional life. How you handle it makes all the difference.

If handled correctly, a recession could very well be the best thing to happen to your career.

The Best Career Advice

There’s an old idiomatic expression that goes, “The best time to look for a job is when you have one.” This is true for the obvious reasons – you’re not as desperate, so you can take your time and choose the opportunity that best suits you.

Proactive Career Advice: Start Making Money Online Quickly While Working a Full-time Job

To never have to worry about job loss again though, start a business on the side. There are numerous free, easy, ways to make money online quick that you can start engage in while working full time. This way, if you do lose your job, you can either turn your attention to your side gig full time, or at least have some money coming in while you search for your next full-time gig.

When assessing all the career advice you research on the web or hear from friends and family, keep starting something on the side in mind, for it helps to inoculate you against the ups and downs of full-time employment.

Source by Yuwanda Black

Make Money on the Net – Five Simple Ideas to Increase Your Earning Potential

Make Money on the Net – Five Simple Ideas to Increase Your Earning Potential

Extra Income

With the current economic times being as tough as they are, many of us are looking for creative marketing ideas on how to make money on the net. If you are just beginning to set up a new home based business online I have a few easy steps you can take right away to start marketing your small business.

Technical Know-How

Building an online business and learning how to make money on the net is not only easy, it requires no specialized technical skills to get started. Starting an internet business allows you to learn as you go. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and know that not many of us were able to achieve our successes without making some very big missteps. Keep learning and you’ll do fine.

Five Simple Ideas

1. Affiliate programs offer the beginner a great way to start making some extra money. If you have already set up a site or blog that is tailored to your specific market niche, all you need to do now is locate some related products and promote them on your site. You’ll earn a commission for every sale coming from your site.

2. Online surveys are another way people are making a little extra cash. Companies will pay you to review their products and fill out surveys in return for a small payment. While this is perhaps the most simple method, it is limited in its earnings potential. In other words, no one gets rich filling out surveys but it can add some extra cushioning for you.

3. Develop your own virtual product. If you have an expertise in a certain area, consider writing an eBook or putting together an online course. You can also offer clinics and seminars to teach others about what you know. Once you have a product developed, you can then start your own affiliate program for promoting it.

4. Virtual store fronts can be set up in which you can offer a product line for your specific niche. Dropshippers offer inventory catalogs for you to choose from. You simply promote the products on your store front and send the dropshipper the cost and shipping information. It’s a very fun and easy way to make some extra money online.

5. Freelance work is available online like never before. If you are a writer, administrative assistant, web designer, programmer or SEO expert there’s tons of jobs available. Sites like Elance can help you find someone who needs your services.


No matter what path you decide to take to make money on the net, know that as with all successful businesses yours will take time to grow. Be prepared to dedicate time each day to learning more about and improving your business skills. Keep an eye out for the latest trends and creative marketing ideas that can give you an instant boost.

Source by Anita De Santiago

The Writer As A Marketer

The Writer As A Marketer

Should aspiring or professional writers see themselves as marketers? This is a personal question that you alone should answer, not me.

I am sure you can mention a thousand and one reason people aspire to write. It could be for pleasure, fame, money, education, inform or entertain or whatever.

So, while one writer may not be interested in making money, but educating the readers, another may want to make all the money on earth. No general rule here.

I have said it over and over again; a good writer is a wordsmith. It is good to read anything and everything under the sun.

But, the journey to becoming a good writer comes with practice, practice and more practice. I have said this in my earlier articles.

Let us look at the writer as a marketer. The business side of writing, if you wish to call it so. Just like me, I am sure you too need extra income. Please, don’t laugh, only smile.

Yes, you sell yourself, your script, your books, your articles to the entire world as a writer.

In this modern age, people and nations are looking out for where individuals and nations are searching for specific information, solution, ideas, values, etc.

So, writers must strive to fill the gap, provide solutions, add values and solve problems using the writing words for their target market or audience.

I do not know about others, But, I do know as a writer, a journalist that making money comes with real hard work.

I have abandoned my family for the computers and the internet, researching, reading, browsing and having sleepless nights these days.

Truth is that my wife and daughter understand. Do they? God knows they do. Ho ho ho ho oh.

But, am I making money? Good question, but I will answer it, ha ha ha ha ha. Seriously though, writers must begin to look at the business sides of writing, if they have not already done so. I am guilty of this.

Write, tell the entire world and sell your product over time. Yes there could instance hit where you will make millions in local or foreign currencies selling your books, script, articles, novels, whatever.

There is no fast rule about this. For some writers, it could take hours, days, weeks, months and years to make a breakthrough.

The social media is a credible platform for both amateur and professional writers to tell the world about their products, themselves, their passions, knowledge and skills.

Source by Emmanuel Udom

One Thing to Consider Once You Get Your First Job in the Arts: Do You Need an Emergency Fund?

One Thing to Consider Once You Get Your First Job in the Arts: Do You Need an Emergency Fund?

One down side of the entertainment & arts industry continues to be that workers’ compensation benefits are few and far between. Let’s say you get hurt training or rehearsing on your own time. If you are lucky enough to carry health insurance with a benefit for when you are unable to work, you are covered. But, for the majority of us… getting hurt means a rough couple of months ahead. You either 1) go to work and spend twice as long in pain, as it will take twice as long to recover if you are on your injury constantly; or, 2) you spend your whole recovery stressing out over how you are going to eat and pay rent!

If you have money set aside to cover your expenses should you get hurt, you won’t have to worry. You have plenty of time to think about what your next step is. Think about how smooth your recovery will be if you don’t have to stress about anything else, except your injury!

Consider another scenario. What about the companies you are working for now? I hear artists say, “Oh, they have insurance. I don’t need to worry.” Do you really know what type of insurance they have? Regular event companies are only required to carry a “liability policy” during their events. Liability policies only cover all the other people at the event. Let’s say you are stilt walking and fall on someone. Guess who is not covered? That’s right, you are not. The person you fell on is entitled to a portion of the $2 million liability policy, but not you!

In this situation, you are going to be forced to take some time off to recuperate. What better idea than to have money set aside to aid you in your recovery? It might even end up being like an extended vacation at that point!

So, what happens if I don’t have money saved? A couple of things normally happen.

As previously mentioned, artists go back to work and only make their injury worse OR take way more time to recover because they are too active on their injury.

If they do not have the option to go back to work, the credit card gets pulled out to cover this non-paid vacation. Do you even want to imagine the debt you would accrue if you were out of work for 3 months? And… don’t even get me started on the interest you will pay on your credit card!

Here is a positive one. You are very, very frugal and you must eat beans and rice and not turn the lights on for the time you are out of work. Does that sound pleasant?

Do you really want to take the risk? Don’t make the mistake of saying “that will never happen to me.” Let me just tell you it happens to everyone, including me. Don’t find yourself injured without a financial back-up plan!


There’s one exception to not having workers’ compensation in our industry. If you happen to be lucky enough to be a part of a union contract, such as Actors Equity or SAG-AFTRA, or a big company like a theme park, you may have the ability to be covered by workers’ compensation. Even then, remember that workers compensation normally only provides up to 66% of your regular pay, and sometimes you might not see the money for a couple of weeks. Having a little extra saved up will help you to bridge the time between not getting paid and receiving workers’ comp. The last thing you need in a healthy recovery is things out of the ordinary!

What do I do with this 3-6 months’ worth of expenses?

I am not a financial planner, so I am not going to give any specific financial advice. But, what I will say is a simple search on Google of “What do I do with my emergency fund?” returns lots of good advice. The general idea is to keep the money in a safe place that is easy to reach within a couple of days.

Still need some help?

I recommend @DaveRamsey at http://www.DaveRamsey.com! His book Total Money Makeover is a great way to go and super easy to follow!

Note: AuditionInside is not a workers compensation or financial expert. Seek professional advice before making any decisions relating to workers compensation claims or banking.

Source by Zachary K Miller

What’s New in MLM China

What’s New in MLM China

Believe it or not, the Chinese middle class population currently stands at well over 1 billion people. One-sixth of the world’s population calls China their home.

These figures definitely deserve the attention of internet home based business owners – those who are seeking international expansion.

Middle class folks everywhere generally have a small margin of disposable cash. They are dependable workers who want a little more out of life. To become rich and work from home is an attractive combination for the chosen few. For some it is the ultimate desire of the heart.

With families to feed, and a rising credit surge in China, the need for a greater income is a definite must have.

Quoting an excerpt from “China’s Credit Boom Spurs Concern” with the subtitle Officials Weigh More Regulation, Fearing Banks Are Taking On Too Much Risk. The article was written by Jason Leow in Shanghai and Andrew Batson in Beijing, April 21st, 2009.

“China’s government is considering measures to regulate the torrent of bank lending, arising from concerns that much of the credit surge that has helped keep the economy growing could be wasted.”

“A senior official at a local branch of the China Banking Regulatory Commission said the commission is considering rules aimed at ensuring that loans go to the real economy, such as government stimulus projects, rather than being diverted into the asset markets or bank deposits. A spokesman confirmed Monday that the rules are being circulated internally for comment:” end quote. This article was printed in the Wall Street Journal page A4.

Here is a question I’d love to get an answer to. Are people in China buying food on credit cards like we do in the US?

Speaking of food: O-boy-o-boy! I love (me) some spicy Chinese food. Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. But there is a noticeable difference between the food served in Chinese restaurants in my area, and the tasty dishes prepared by my Chinese friends here in Atlanta.

Whether you like it or not, all food items are rising in cost. And eating cheap is one side of the coin. The other side is the price you pay for eating cheap. It brings on poor health.

Good food is not cheap, and cheap food is not good: No offense intended to the fast food millionaires who smile all the way to the bank.

Personally, I have a small cluster of Chinese friends. They tell me the economic downturn is also showing a negative effect upon the great Chinese population. Although the Chinese Yaun might be holding its own against the American dollar, according to my friend who recently returned from vacation in his homeland, the day-to-day challenges facing the average Chinese men and women are very similar to the those being experienced here in the United States of America.

I asked my friend “Is there a need for extra household income in China?”

He gave me a monosyllabic answer.

“YES!” he said, raising his eyebrows.

After all said and done, who doesn’t need extra cash in this day and age? Credit cards are good, but cash is even better; don’t let the credit card companies psyche you out.

As far as marketing American products in China goes, my friend did mention some company names like Nu Skin and Amway. But I’m sure there are other distribution companies in the Direct Selling industry in that vast country.

To grab a toe-hold in the Chinese MLM market seems like a great (if not the greatest) opportunity: A target to aim for. With the knowledge that Direct Selling is the new wave trend of the future, it is feasible to think a well-planned marketing campaign will go off with a bang; like the gunpowder the Ancient Chinese gave the rest of the world.

Language barrier? What-chu talking ’bout? None such, my friend.

There is a way to get around the need to learn Mandarin. No Problem! Just find a few Chinese friends within your circle of acquaintance. Conduct a tentative interview or two to discover if there’s an interest in becoming millionaires. If there is, it would just be a question of time to build confidence: it’s that simple. Eventually you will be leading hundreds of network marketers far beyond the streets of Atlanta, or your hometown – wherever that might be. They will be your voice crying in the wilderness.

That’s what’s new in MLM China.

Source by Allan B. Russell

10 Business Tips You Can Use in 2014

10 Business Tips You Can Use in 2014

Need to refresh your strategy for 2014? Here are 10 business tips to get you started…

1. If you misstate your point, spell-check won’t correct you or suggest alternative wording. And if you’ve taken too long to get to your point, spell-check won’t suggest how to say more with fewer words. If an error damages your reputation, it costs you business and money. Make sure you have a staff member on hand who is qualified to review any marketing messages. If you don’t have one, hire someone or contract the work. Your reputation is worth more than just ‘good enough.’

2. Update your social media profiles for accuracy. Oftentimes, businesses cater to clients first and take care of themselves last. But it ought to be the other way around. Potential clients need to know that your business changes with the times and doesn’t remain static. When you take care of your business needs first (marketing, advertising, etc.), you put your customer needs first at the same time.

3. Find out what your customers’ pains are and solve them. Then back it up with great customer service. Enough said.

4. Make every communication about your customer: their needs, hopes, wants, and desires. Use ‘You’ and ‘Your’ in your communications, and avoid ‘We’ and ‘Our’ whenever possible. Make it personal, and they will heed your call to action.

5. Get to the point with your brand messaging. Use the fewest words possible and get the most impact. Find out how effective your message is by hiring an editor to review your online and printed content before distribution.

6. Celebrate with food! Who doesn’t love meeting over lunch or a mid-afternoon, company-provided treat? It’s a small investment, and your employees will feel appreciated.

7. A great leader knows how to assemble a great team. Don’t feel intimidated by someone who is smarter than you. Whether it’s sales, marketing or answering the phone, always hire people more talented than yourself. You can rest knowing that a job is being done well, and you can focus your energy on other company matters.

8. Listen to your customers… it goes a long way. People get turned off when they feel they’re not being heard. Listening is the greatest tool in your business tool box. Use it well and you will find clients knocking on your door!

9. When communicating online, be yourself, be honest & be always willing to help. As Ashton (Chris) Kutcher said, nothing is sexier than being smart, thoughtful, and generous. Take the time to show these qualities to your customers and they and their friends will flock to you.

10. Separate yourself from your competitors by ALWAYS putting customer service first. When you can do something for your customer that your competitor(s) is not doing, then that’s exactly the thing you should be doing. Make it happen today. If you don’t, someone else will.

Source by Nikki Corbett

How To Make Extra Money During Coronavirus Lockdown 2021