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Month: January 2021

3 Ways to Make Money From Home

3 Ways to Make Money From Home

Ask millions of people in the whole world about the things they consider important in their life these days and you will surely find a common answer. Many people might give you vague answers, but certainly you will get a very precise answer saying that money is something they should have these days in order to survive. Money has become such a powerful tool in this world, that without it any person cannot function well. It has grown so important that having less of it may equal to dissatisfaction, and misery. And because most things in life now have to be dealt with using money, more and more people are growing anxious in search for money. Sometimes however, regular jobs do not address the great needs of people these days, and so they have to look for ways to earn extra money during their spare time.

If you are one of these many people who endeavors to work harder and longer in order to raise money for their other needs, there is nothing to worry about. As long as the answers and solutions are there, there is no reason for you to feel hopeless. Luckily, there are indeed ways to make money and that is without leaving your home. Through technology, this has been made possible.

There are actually countless possibilities to earn money from home. Some would require you to go through a longer process while some are very easy to find. The moment you sit on your computer, a great chance of earning extra money will be in your hands. 3 ways to earn from home include the following: One, you can earn money working from home through writing. Many companies are willing to pay for you to become their freelance writer. You can also write blogs about a variety of topics. You may also write an e-book and find a good market online. Two, you can set up a virtual business. You can have a website where you advertise your products. You may make arts and crafts, or do hand- made jewelries or candles and sell them online. E-bay is a good online market. Here you are able to reach out to many potential buyers of your products. You might also want to sell second hand products like gadgets, dresses, bags, shoes, collectibles etc. Third, you can make money by doing jobs for other people. You can advertise yourself online and the line of work and interests that may be helpful for other people. More and more people these days are willing to pay for someone to do some things they cannot tackle anymore.

As mentioned, there are still hundreds of ways to earn money from home. You may choose from these opportunities and find the one that best suits your interest. You may not become a millionaire doing these jobs, but you certainly earn a good amount of money from these jobs. It is your time and your perseverance that will dictate the amount of money you can earn from these jobs. So if you want to pitch in extra cash to your pocket, these are the 3 ways to make money from home.

Source by Brock Hamilton

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Should College Athletes Be Paid?

College sports bring in big dollars every year on the major college level. These programs bring $30 and sometimes $40 million dollars per year to the universities and colleges and the players get nothing. These are the same players who are breaking their backs for the university day in and day out and can’t get a share of that money and, to me, that does not seem fair. I know what you may be thinking: that these student athletes are getting a free education or have gotten a scholarship to play ball at that university. To me, that’s the least they could be doing.

When I look at college football on Saturdays and see packed stadiums with cheering fans paying big money for a ticket I say, what business out there could run a company and not pay its workers? You would think I was talking about some Third World country! Pay the players now, please!

Think about this one: most of the college coaches get six figure salaries– big college programs and small ones. Some of these college coaches get shoe contracts, some get T.V. and radio contracts and many other perks along the way. Also, if they are a good coach and win games they will be offered another coaching job somewhere else with bigger money and larger perks! The student athletes get nothing and, to me, something should be done about that. Please pay the players now!

They will keep telling you that the athletes are getting the free education, free books, free room and board and the chance at a good college education that will last a lifetime. So what! Pay the players! I see this whole college thing as slave-labor! Coaches make big money on the backs of these players. You hear stories about college athletes taking money or getting paid under the table. You hear these stories of players getting cars and lots of cash, you hear stories of players getting all of this and more on the side. You hear about the player’s families getting cars and houses to attend that college program. This goes on all the time in secret!

Why do the players take this money and cars and houses for their families and much more? Well one reason is recruiting; some college programs feel that in order to get a major college recruit they have to offer these things. Some college programs (not all) have to give something to get these kids. Some of these players come from poor backgrounds, so for these kids to get some money is a big deal especially if the players and their families don’t have money anyway.

Being a college athlete is very hard. In the first placed the amount of hours that these players put in is a lot–every day of every week. They are in class all day then there’s practice after practice, they go eat dinner if they can and then go study. Now all of this may sound simple to you but the amount of time these student athletes are putting in is huge. Then the coaches want more. There could be film to study and there could be times when they are being seen by the athletic trainer. As a student athlete, you have to focus on your studies and your athletic performance or they will try to get rid of you.

College athletics is hard. Sometimes at the end of the day you are exhausted and don’t feel like studying or if they have some kind of study table for the players you may not be able to totally focus and, oftentimes, your attention is elsewhere. Just think about the millions of people who go to work every day. They work long hours and may have long commutes to and from home. I’m sure the last thing working people want to do is spend extra hours doing more work. Most working people want to relax, maybe have a beer and watch some T.V. then call it a day. The big difference is they are getting paid for the service and time and college ball players are not.

Most of the college student athletes do not get their college degrees and one reason is the workouts and the games that they play. There is so much pressure to do well that something will fall off and that something is their education. College coaches have been known to look the other way as it relates to student athletes and their academics as long as that player can help win games.

For most college athletes, when their eligibility is used up the college programs have no more need for their services. Why would they? For 4 years these college programs have worked these young men and women to death every day. The college programs have gotten all that they could get out of these players and then some. At the college level or at any level it’s only about winning games and bringing in big money.

Take a look at baseball; if a high school baseball player is really good, he can be offered a contract to sign with a major league baseball team. Sometimes the offer is $200,000 and, I’ve heard, as much as $2 million dollars. Now if that high school baseball player takes that money then they forfeit their college eligibility. Some high school baseball players pass on the money to attend college where they can get better, sharpen their baseball skills and be drafted again by a major league team. Many high school baseball players take the money and take the chance to try and make it in the major leagues. A great many players never make it to the majors. Some playing in the minor leagues for years until they realize that their dream of playing in the majors is not going to happen and they move on to something else.

Once you take that money you can’t go back and try to play college baseball. The same is true for all the other sports. You’ll have high school basketball players trying to make it to the NBA; you have young men try out for the NFL. Many of these athletes never gave education a chance and many who are in college never got their degree.

College athletes struggle with their academics. Many do not graduate and some just quit altogether. College athletics is not for everyone and many student athletes can’t cut it so pay the players! Pay them something for all their time and their efforts!

When these college programs are playing in bowl games and making millions on the backs of the players and the players get nothing still, that’s wrong. When its “March Madness” time for college basketball and millions are glued to the T.V. every day for hours and the players are giving their all–they still get nothing!

Why would it be a problem to pay players? The schools are making millions of dollars any way. This is not Mexico or China where the workers are getting paid $1.00 per hour to make billions for some corporation–you know slave labor!

Why do you think players take money from many outside sources? Why do players get suspended from the team for breaking team rules? Why are college programs put on probation? It’s all because of money. You have many players coming from disadvantaged backgrounds where there is no money in their families. If these disadvantaged young student athletes had to pay for college out of their own pockets, most would not be in a college at all.

Some student athletes come from backgrounds where the educational system is not that good. Their school districts are under-funded and mismanaged. For many student athletes, their way out is an education with the full athletic scholarships. Playing a sport is their future. Many student athletes only focus on athletics thinking that one day they will be good enough to play in the pros. So when money is dangled in front of the faces of some student athletes, the temptation has to be overwhelming!

For a great many years we have heard stories of players and coaches getting in trouble because of money. We’ve heard of situations of entire college programs being killed off by the NCAA because of money being given to players. Why do they do it? Why is money a problem? One reason is because it’s easy to get certain types of players from certain kinds of backgrounds. Big-time college programs can only survive with big-time major college players so they pay them. We all know that paying college athletes is wrong (set by the guidelines of the NCAA). But this rule needs to change now.

If college athletes are getting scholarships then they can be paid. If players are getting paid, then I believe you would have more college athletes graduate from college because there would be a stronger incentive to work hard in the classroom. Larger universities pay college coaches more based on their performance and the players should get paid as well.

If the players are getting paid then this corruption would stop. No more booster paying players, no more college players selling their shoes, no more college players taking jobs that pay them big money just to work a few hours. It’s hard out there for a student athlete! Did you know that a non-student athlete can get a job to earn extra money and can work around their schedules but a student athlete can’t have a job until the school year is over and there are restrictions as to the type of job they can have.

In the game of college athletics, the rules are not fair for the college student athletes! The playing field is not equal. Pay the players!

Source by Al Woods

Writing a Financial Plan on Your Own

Writing a Financial Plan on Your Own

Like anything in life, you need a plan to succeed. That applies to your personal finance too. No one is completely secure financially unless you have accumulated millions of dollars and decide to live off the nest egg for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, for most people, they are unprepared for retirement. Financial planning is crucial in reaching your goals of retiring comfortably. But having say that, how does one go about writing a financial plan without any formal education?

Below is a quick step-by-step guide to writing your own financial plan. Of course, a professional financial planner may be able to give you a more comprehensive financial plan but this will be a good step forward in understanding your needs and clearing some stumbling blocks.

1. What Are Your Objectives?

Don’t be afraid to dream – you only live once. Think about the size of the home, the education, your family, etc. Just pen these thoughts down of how you want the future to look like. Once you list down your ideals, remember to factor in mundane issues like kids education, insurance, etc.

Your goals should include:

* Education. Regardless of your age, extra education and training are needed either for a career switch or self-improvement. A lot of people are taking college courses (even with teenagers) or upgrading to an MBA to climb the corporate ladder. Even if college education is out for you, you still have to plan for your children’s college degree, unless you intend to leave them to their own devices.

* Career. What field do you desire to work in? Is it a creative job or a typical 9-5? Or do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to create multiple source of passive income?

* Lifestyle. Is work or family more important? Are you contended with “simpler living?” Do you desire a Porsche or BMW? Do you want to live in a mansion, a seafront house, etc? Do you have expensive hobbies life golf? These all cost money so tabulating the expenses and matching it to your income is necessary to achieve your lifestyle goals.

* Retirement. Don’t forget about retirement. It is a moment when you lose your income. So how do you want to live while retired? Will you downgrade your house, live with your children, or move to a retirement community?

* Insurance. Nothing is certain in life. You need to be insured for worst case scenarios. Every financial plan must have provisions for insurance.

These objectives may seem daunting but they need not be wishful thinking. The actual money set aside could be much less than you think, if effective financial planning is involved.

2. Plan Your Income

Of course, your financial plan isn’t just about your dreams. How are you going to pay for it? I assume you don’t have a sugar daddy, so you should be following a life of employment. Most people have their career path charted in this format – go to college, get a job, work hard up the ladder and retire.

There is nothing wrong race except there is high uncertainty in today’s globalized environment. People change jobs all the time due to layoffs or to seek fresh challenges.

Instead of a day job, you can consider starting a businesses or becoming a freelancer to sell your skills. Business isn’t just for those with money, MBAs or connections. You can start a home business to mange lawn care, making money online with a website or a vending machine business.

Besides becoming your own boss, you can find other income through network marketing or investing.

Investing is efficient in building side income as it is simply growing the money you already have. You can buy gold, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.

Regardless if you are a business owner or an employee, you should not let your money sit idly under your mattress. Even putting your money into an online savings account is more profitable.

3. Writing Your Financial Plan

At its core, a financial plan is a lifelong budget. You’ll be budgeting not just your next paycheck, but for your entire life. Planning involves knowing how you’ll get there and when you’ll get there. There are no hard and fast rules.

You have to be rational enough to assess your current situation, creative enough to see what is possible, and have the integrity to follow through with the plan. Remember, just because it’s on paper doesn’t mean it will happen – you have to decide to follow through and live up to your goals.

Get started by doing the following:

* Timeline. Establish where you want to be in five years? Ten? Thirty? Fifty?

* Research necessary costs. Your current “bills” plus 5% inflation per year. Don’t forget to factor in life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, etc.

* Research luxury costs. What you “want” to do. Cruises, nice cars, nice house, etc.

* Plan income strategy. For most people, they start with salaries. But don’t forget that your job isn’t your only means of income. Starting a side business, a money making hobby, or even making money online are viable options for extra income.

* Plan Investments. Investing is simply a must to counteract against inflation. You can invest in anything. Just make sure you know what you’re doing, and don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. As you age, financial security should become more and more important.

Try to factor in every cost and possible incomes. Whenever you aren’t sure about the numbers, be conservative. Also, bear in mind that a financial plan is ALWAYS about your goals. It’s not just about the money – it’s about getting what you want out of life. Money is just the tool.

Source by Barry Ritz

Pick the Right Living Room Furniture With These Five Tips

Pick the Right Living Room Furniture With These Five Tips

Setting up the perfect living room is a goal for many homeowners and renters alike. Whether they love to entertain or are looking to create their own slice of paradise inside their home, the perfect furniture can make all the difference. However, finding the right living room set can be a real challenge. Here are a few tips to help make the hunt for the perfect couch a bit easier.

Think About the Size of the Room

Interior decorators insist that the space dictates the furnishings. A large L-shaped sofa simply won’t work in a small space. Before bringing a new couch home, consider the size of the space. Instead of a large piece, look for a smaller sofa that will give the room a sense of space. It can still be a statement piece, but it shouldn’t dwarf the entire room.

Consider What the Room Needs

Does the room have built-in bookshelves and a space for the TV? If so, there’s no reason to spend the extra money on an entertainment center or floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Instead, opt for more seating options. Add an armchair or a love seat by a window to create a cozy reading nook. If the room is small, make use of hidden storage spaces. Add a coffee table with a shelf or drawers built in to keep the clutter from accumulating on the top, or use a storage ottoman to maximize storage space without sacrificing comfort.

Know Who Will Use the Furniture

If the space will be used primarily for entertaining guests, look for pieces which reflect the style and d├ęcor of the room. This will create a sophisticated and cohesive look. However, if there are kids and pets that place strain on the upholstery, look for stain-resistant options. Many sofas, chairs, and ottomans are available with stain-resistant upholstery to maximize the life of the furniture.

Stick to a Theme

Mixing and matching styles and patterns can create a unique space, but be sure the finishes do not clash with each other. Look for complementary colors when acquiring new pieces, add accent pillows, and integrate older pieces with the newer ones. Rather than replacing everything in the room, look for ways to creatively incorporate older pieces into the new theme. There’s no reason to get rid of a perfectly beautiful coffee table just because the wood is a different shade than the new side tables. Just coordinate between the two.

Invest in Quality

Upgrading the living room can be done at bargain prices, but it’s always best to look for quality rather than simply a low price. Buying cheap furnishings often means they’ll need to be replaced sooner. Investing in high-quality items rather than bargain-hunting helps ensure that the living room set will last for many years to come.

The right pieces can transform a living room from a bland, utilitarian place to a cozy hangout perfect for entertaining guests. Embrace the style and make use of the room to the fullest extent possible by adding a few select pieces to the space.

Source by Andrew Stratton

Three Ways to Make Money in the Satellite Dish Biz

Three Ways to Make Money in the Satellite Dish Biz

There are thousands of Affiliate Opportunities on the Internet. But not many of them have the earning potential that exists in the Satellite Dish Biz. Most affiliate or sales opportunities offer you one or maybe two ways to earn extra income from a home based Biz. This one offers the flexibility of earning income in three different ways. FREE to join with Online, Offline and Passive incomes prove one Affiliate Opportunity to be my number one choice for making extra cash.

1. Online (Internet based) income – If you have a web site or blog you can start making extra money right away by simply placing links or banners on your site that offer special deals and unique programming options. If you don’t have a site, you will be provided with your own affiliate site anyway, where people can log in and place orders, as soon as you finish the registration process (it only takes a few minutes). Internet Affiliates have been earning money this way since the advent of e-commerce. If you can copy and paste links, and write unique content, you will have the potential to earn unlimited income working from the comfort of your home or anyplace that has Internet access.

An affiliate is considered an independent contractor or outside sales agent who will earn income of one hundred twenty to one hundred forty dollars per sale when anybody places an order through the special link on your web site, blog or affiliate landing page. This is by far one of the easiest income opportunities for those who already have an established presence on the Internet and for those who are just learning about affiliate marketing.

2. Offline income – This kind of opportunity does not exist for most affiliate programs. Most affiliate programs are Web based and require that you already have web sites, blogs, etc… already well established and bringing in a decent amount of traffic. Since orders can be placed online or by telephone, you have the option of using direct marketing techniques to make your sales. You can use traditional advertising such as newspapers, radio, television, flyers and direct mail to begin making sales right away as you learn how to market and promote your Biz on the Internet. “Word of mouth” or Referral marketing has always been the mainstay for any small business endeavor. Once people begin to refer you to others, your sales will begin to grow exponentially.

Anyone who has experience with affiliate marketing knows that it will take a little time for your Online promotional efforts to take effect. This program offers you the luxury of earning from direct sales while you are building an Online presence and attracting visitors to your site(s).

3. Passive income – People can join the this Affiliate Biz as your sub-affiliate by registering at the special affiliate web page provided for you, when they click on the link that you have provided for them. One of the reasons I am so satisfied with this Opportunity is the fact that I am already making as much passive income from my sub-affiliates as I am making from direct sales. You can use this method to build a team of hundreds of sub-affiliates that are making you a small commission each time they personally make a sale of their own. The ability to earn passive income from the efforts of others is fantastic, but leveraging the work done by other people is not my motivation.

As soon as I was presented with this program, I realized the tremendous opportunity it provided me to help other people earn extra money. Every family I know of has been hit hard by the decline in our economy, and God has placed a burden in my heart to help these families become independent and responsible for the amount of money they would like to be earning. By following Biblical principles, and becoming the Servant of my sub-affiliates by helping them learn how to market on the Internet, I get to earn a living that brings me the joy and satisfaction of knowing that my success depends on my concern and prayers for all of my sub-affiliates. The more successful they become, the more money and blessings I am able to receive.

Register today and you can start promoting a legitimate and proven home business program with more to offer. Three ways of making extra income from one terrific program. You can choose how you want to work this Biz. Work alone or get your entire family involved. Online, Offline or Passively. However you choose, there is great potential to build the business you desire to have. With special prices, a variety of programming and HDTV with DVR, your sure to leave a trail of satisfied customers as you earn extra money in an almost recession proof industry.

Source by Charles Beason

Healthy Meal of the Week 31 With Healthy Leftover Idea

Healthy Meal of the Week 31 With Healthy Leftover Idea

Healthy Meal of the Week: Slow Cooked Chicken, Brown Rice & Corn Cob

Healthy Leftover Idea: Chicken Sandwiches

Here’s an easy-to-prepare meal using your wonderful slow cooker that may likely be sitting sadly in the corner of your kitchen waiting patiently to be called upon. When planned accordingly, this meal can be all ready to eat when you return home especially if the rice and corn variety you purchase is the microwave type variety. Not to worry if you don’t have those or want to spend the extra money on them since the rice and corn will only take about 20 minutes to prepare.

For the leftover meal, you’ll have a great handheld treat weighing in only around 250 calories each if prepared as described below.

Equipment Needed

– slow cooker (Crock Pot)

– pan with lid for rice (or rice cooker)

– large pot for corn

Prep Time

– 5 minutes

Cooking Time

– 4-8 hours depending on temperature setting


(4-6 servings)

– 1 prepackaged whole chicken

– 1/2 cup brown sugar

– 16 ounces chicken broth

– 2 tablespoons seasoned salt

– 3-4 whole corn on the cob

– 1 cup brown rice

– 1/4 cup honey

– 2 tablespoons olive oil

– optional: butter/margarine for corn & rice

– optional: 3 bay leaves for rice

For Chicken Sandwiches

– 100 calorie multi grain sandwich slenders

– shredded cheese

– chili paste/salsa


*Decide if you want to cook the chicken on either the low setting for 6-8 hours or high setting for 4-5 hours.

1. Open the chicken package and rinse well with cold water in your kitchen sink. Place the whole chicken inside your clean slow cooker.

2. Add 1/2 cup brown sugar and 2 tablespoons seasoned salt to 16 oz. chicken broth and stir/mix well. Add solution to the slow cooker and turn on to the desired setting. Remember to set a timer or the alarm on your phone for 6-8 hours on low or 4-5 hours if slow cooker is on high.

3. When there is approximately 1 hour left on the timer, add the 1/4 cup honey on top of the chicken. Recover and let finish cooking.

4. About now you can start cooking the rice and corn. For the corn, fill a large pot about 1/2 way with hot water and bring to a boil on the stove. While that’s happening peel the corn husks off each piece you plan to cook. Rinse the corn pieces under the sink to get rid of any straggling husk pieces. For this meal example, the corn pieces were snapped in half to make leftover travel portions easy to fit in the plastic containers, but this choice is entirely up to you. When water is boiling place pieces in the water and set a timer for 20 minutes.

5. If you want to prepare the brown rice the same way as this meal, add 3 tablespoons of olive oil to your rice pan and turn on to low/medium temperature. Add 1 cup of brown rice and stir frequently for 3 minutes. Add one cup of chicken broth along with 3 bay leaves. Stir and allow to cook/soak in for a couple of minutes. Add 1 cup of hot water, increase temperature until rice mixture comes to a boil stirring occasionally. Once boiling, reduce heat to a simmer, cover pan with lid and set timer for 18 minutes. That’s all there’s to it!

6. Once chicken is finished cooking, turn off slow cooker and using two forks, you should be able to easily tear off pieces from the whole chicken, at least enough for the servings you’ll need for now. You can get the rest later when you are putting leftovers into containers or making the leftover sandwiches as listed below. You can also try to carefully pull the entire chicken out, but it may be easier to wait until liquid is a bit cooler to do this. The choice is entirely up to you.

7. Serve an appropriate portion size with an optional bit of butter on the corn, and a spoonful of the slow cooker liquid on the rice/chicken and enjoy!

Healthy Leftover Idea: Chicken Sandwiches

The best thing about these leftover sandwiches is that if you use the right type of bread/wrap, there’s no reason why these sandwiches can’t be made to be easily under 300 calories each. Combine that with a piece of fruit and a nice large glass of water and you have a nutritious lunch that will be right around 400 calories total. Isn’t that far better than the 1,300+ calorie meal you’ll find at any fast food spot?

Hopefully your local supermarket has a nice selection of bread/wraps and look for these multigrain 100 calorie sandwich slenders or something else that’s similar in calorie count. Open up the pre-sliced bun and layer the bottom slice with 2 tablespoons of cooked brown rice. In order to spice up this sandwich a bit, some ground fresh chili paste was added, but literally any of your favorite can be used. Carefully dice up some chicken into fine pieces and add a couple of tablespoons on top of the rice/chili paste side. Finally add a bit of shredded cheese then the top piece of the bun and you have quickly yet effectively created a delicious travel sandwich that you will find quite enjoyable for lunch the following day. Just be sure to wrap it up securely in a piece of foil so all the fixings don’t fall out.

Source by Gregory L Gomez

10 Tips How To Avoid Locksmith Fraud

10 Tips How To Avoid Locksmith Fraud

As scary as it may sound, Locksmith scams are becoming a part of our daily lives. Locksmiths target home and auto owners when they are at their most vulnerable state and in desperate need for help- in an emergency and needing immediate assistance.

Most of the times we feel that searching for a locksmith online is probably a smart decision. However, we could become a victim of fake or scamming locksmiths who are imitating legitimate ones on the online directories. The case is these fake locksmiths impersonate the local locksmiths and they don’t even have any local workshop. Sometimes these so-called locksmiths are not even properly trained and are operated through out-of-state call centers.

A few cautious steps taken by you can help in avoiding a scamming company or an untrained impersonator.

1. “Local” is the Keyword

Do your research in advance. Take good time and do not rush with the search.

If a locksmith business is registered with a local address, Google the address and find out if any other business is registered with the same address.

Even if you are in an emergency, you should always be aware of the services that answer the phone with any generic phrase, such as “Welcome to locksmith services”. If the one you have called is unwilling to provide you a legal business name, you need to find another locksmith.

Also see if the companies are using any “800” number or a local number. “800” number can indicate that the locksmith you are calling could be an offshore call centre.

2. Check Identification and License

When the locksmith arrives at the destination it is important to ask for identification, including a locksmith license where one is applicable.

Out of all the states, only fifteen of them require locksmith licensing, making it a crime work or even advertise as a locksmith without valid credentials. Check if your state is one of the 15 states on Google.

3. Beware of low prices

Always get a quote on the phone before allowing any technician to meet you. Be skeptical of any locksmith providing unbelievably low price. Those are major red flags. Always ask about the labor costs, emergency costs as well as the service fees.

Never allow anyone to start work on the home or vehicle without having full knowledge of the expenditures you could incur.

4. There better not be any hidden charges

It is important to inquire if there are any additional charges, especially in case of emergencies.

A scamming company might also claim the lock on your home or vehicle is obsolete and it needs to be replaced. They will charge you an arm and a leg to replace the existing lock with one which they will say is a high-security lock but that seldom is the case. You could end up paying them to replace the existing good lock with a cheap one for a higher price.

5. Ask for Vehicle Identification

Always keep an eye on your surroundings. In case someone arrives in an unmarked vehicle and claims they are with a specific locksmith company definitely do not allow them to start work. Legitimate locksmith companies always send their technicians in a marked vehicle with the Company logos, phone numbers, and brand named tools. This is a call for awareness.

6. Ask for a written estimate

Always ask for a written estimate. This will cover you from hidden fees and additional labor charges. If a locksmith is being hesitant to give you a signed written estimate then do not allow them to start the job. This can mean that they are not reputable and just want to make some quick money.

7. On site estimate should tally with the written estimate

Any reputable locksmith company will provide you with a detailed estimate during the telephonic conversation. This will include cost of arrival, labor as well as the necessary parts. This estimate will with the on site estimate. Locksmiths looking to scam you will change their estimate upon arrival by adding extra hidden fees even before the work begins. Be safe from such dishonest service providers.

8. Say ‘No’ to Drilling and Replacement

Any locksmith company that suggests the lock needs to be drilled or replaced is a fraud. Experienced locksmith technicians can unlock almost any door. If they want to drill the lock, say a straight ‘No’. There is a high chance they are scamming you and looking for more money. All genuine locksmith companies trains their technicians to properly unlock any door.

9. Avoid cash transactions

All genuine locksmith companies give you the option to pay by cash, check and/or credit. Any company that insists on cash transactions only is looking for quick money and there is a 99.99 per cent possibility that it is a scam. This is also an important question you should ask upfront. Make sure you are aware of how they take payment BEFORE they start work.

10. Do not leave the locksmiths unattended during the work

I do not suggest that you should not trust the person who has arrived to help you, but it is important to keep an eye on what they are doing. Your carefulness can prevent you from being scammed in more ways you can imagine.

If you feel that you have been overcharged or scammed by a locksmith, you should immediately contact the office of your state attorney general. If you are lucky, the AG’s office might have a provision of engaging a staff to work as a mediator between the customers and the businesses and you could get your money back. Be careful and stay safe.

Source by James Lewis

Online Surveys – Extra Money for Opinionated Work at Home Business People

Online Surveys – Extra Money for Opinionated Work at Home Business People

These surveys take relatively little time to complete and if you are online checking the email for your work at home business, you can quickly complete any survey that is requested of you. This is an ideal way to earn money taking online surveys without disturbing your normal routine.

There are a number of different online survey companies to choose from and so you could sign up with many of these to earn money taking online surveys. Some of them will focus on opinions that don’t require you to actually try anything new, but there are some that will send you products and ask you to rate them as part of the survey.

These may or may not pay you cash, but you will probably find that the products are worth more than you normally get paid for one survey anyway! While trying to earn money taking online surveys, who knows you may even find something worthwhile that can add to either your work at home product line, or aid you in initiating a new promotions idea!

You can find online survey opportunities at many sites across the Internet. You might have already seen some of them and not realized that they are a legitimate way of earning money. Take a look at more than one company – and sign up for the ones you feel most comfortable with to earn money taking online surveys.

Make sure that you read all the rules and regulations first as some survey companies may be “related” and only allow you to work for one branch of their company. If you are trying to earn money taking online surveys, as a way of augmenting the income of your work at home business, then you also need to ensure that you will be paid through cash for each survey completed rather than via gift certificates, products or discounts.

A work from home business owner may need to utilize all the extra income that can be generated, especially in the early days. Check out the filling in of online surveys – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to take earn money taking online surveys and earn a few extra dollars to boost your income and how remunerative it is to earn money taking online surveys.

When you are filling in the questions on the survey, consider carefully all the things that are asked of you, and how knowing the answers about your own work from home business could help you increase your income.

It’s possible that you could make up your own survey at your website, or even on paper, for your clients to fill in so that you can collect information about your clients’ opinions about the service you are providing.

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Auto Insurance Quotes Info: A Rundown of What to Look for When Comparing Car Insurance Rates

Auto Insurance Quotes Info: A Rundown of What to Look for When Comparing Car Insurance Rates

Like it or not, car insurance is something you need if you want to legally drive, no matter which state you live in. The amount of coverage you need, however, varies from one state to the next. Check the minimum requirements in your area and then decide whether or not you need any additional coverage types, such as collision coverage, when searching for auto insurance quotes and comparing them.

The secret to getting a good deal on auto insurance is to find the balance between the coverage type(s) you want and annual premiums that won’t go over your budget. You’ll also want to compare various quotes and do research on each company, and learn about the discounts they offer to see if you qualify for any. There is a wide range of discounts offered by car insurance providers, so there is a good chance you’ll qualify for at least one.

It helps to compare coverage and rates side by side. Check and see what each policy offers. Don’t make the mistake of automatically selecting whichever one is the lowest-priced, as it might cost you more in the long run. Make sure you read everything – including the fine print. The liability limits must be looked into when checking out auto insurance quotes. They are usually expressed in numbers such as 150/400/100 to indicate $150,000 worth of coverage for bodily injury for each individual, $400,000 for bodily injury for each accident, and $100,000 to cover any property damage that you cause in an accident. These liability numbers should be as consistent as possible across the quotes you receive.

Auto Insurance Quotes Can Be Higher Than Expected

Don’t feel discouraged if you’re not seeing the low rates you are hoping to get. Once again, there might be some discounts for which you qualify. Also, it helps to know what factors determine what kinds of quotes you receive. Some of these factors include age, location, credit history, model and make of vehicle, age of vehicle, and your driving record. If you have any safety features, such as alarms, anti-theft locks, reinforced windows, etc., be sure to mention that when filling out forms for quotes, as you will be able to save extra money.

Even if you have an agent who is assisting you, you still must educate yourself as much as possible.

Perhaps the best site to start when learning about auto insurance quotes is esurance. Not only can you get a free quote from a reliable organization, you can also check out lots of esurance discounts. The site and app are very easy to use.

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How To Successfully Manage and Achieve Multiple Goals

How To Successfully Manage and Achieve Multiple Goals

Usually, just right after the New Year’s celebration, many of us start looking at the resolutions we made and, if you’re like many people, yours probably resemble more of a grocery list: You want to exercise more, make more money, have a savings, learn a skill (let’s say playing the guitar), get a better job (so you can make more money) and find a lover (if you haven’t found one yet, or the one you have isn’t as “loving”).

A typical scenario might be like this: You’ll look at this laundry list of New Year’s resolutions and you would pick a goal, let’s say one of your goals is to be proficient at the guitar. Then, what you may do is you would buy a book on how to play a guitar, maybe buy a how-to DVD and start practicing at home. If you’re slightly more diligent, you would even start taking some classes. But what about your other goals, such as making more money? I mean, that minimum wage job really isn’t going to help, unless your definition of making more money is that fifty cent raise coming your way… in about six months (pending your employee performance review, of course).

So you start looking for another job to supplement the job you have. Let’s say you found that other job. If you’re already working full-time at the job you have, at best, you would probably be working part-time at this new job.

Well, the good news is now you’re achieving one of your goals to make more money. The bad news? Now that most of your time is spent working your one and a half jobs, you have no time to practice your guitar, so you end up quitting your guitar lessons. Hey, at least with all the running around you’re doing between your two jobs, you’re getting your exercise, but now your life is miserable because you have no life!

So you start looking for other ways to make money. You start looking at work at home opportunities and let’s say you found an opportunity. But now, you have to quit one of your jobs (probably the part time job) so you can focus on building your new home business, which isn’t generating money yet to cover your expenses and even if it was, you still have two jobs and no time to play your guitar, and we’re not even going to cover the other goals you’ve set for yourself.

The above scenario may sound humorous and far-fetched to some, but too often, we find ourselves setting more goals for ourselves than we are able to achieve. Now, understand that I’m not saying you shouldn’t have multiple goals, but rather, to start prioritizing them.

How do you do that? Start by picking no more than one goal you feel you can best achieve right now (later on I’ll actually give you an exception to this rule). If you find there is more than one goal you are able to achieve right now, pick the one that would have the most positive impact on your life. It could be financially, emotionally, spiritually, whatever goal would have the most positive impact on your life right now if you achieved it. Once you’ve picked a goal, focus on that one goal as if it’s the only goal you have.

That’s right. Forget all the other goals and focus on achieving that one goal, and then use the momentum from that one goal achieve the other goals on your list. Going back to the scenario above, let’s look at our goals. We have: exercising more, making more money, having a savings, learning the guitar, finding a better job and finding a lover (or a new one, if that’s the case).

So now, which of these, if you were to focus on right now, would impact your life the most? The answer, of course, varies from individual to individual. However, if these were my goals, making money would have more of an impact on my life. Even though working that extra job (or that home business on the side) isn’t as personally fulfilling as learning the guitar, that extra job or home business would give me the money I need to start a savings. I would also try to cut down on other things to save money (which is essentially the same as making money), such as walking to work (if possible) and bringing my lunch to work instead of eating out.

This would also fulfill my other goal of exercising more and staying fit and perhaps the only time I’d advise focusing on more than one goal, since in this case, the two goals are working in harmony with one another. This would essentially be like killing two birds with one stone. In this case, it’s three birds. Now that you’ve built a comfortable savings account (and hopefully, by now you’ve gotten that raise), it’s time to focus on the next goal. Perhaps learning the guitar. Once I become proficient at the guitar, I could start teaching lessons for money. Then I could perhaps afford to work less in the job I have. I would then look at the other goals on my list and use the same approach.

Unless the goals you have are in harmony (working towards the same objective), it is best to focus on one goal at a time and move to the next. This would give you the greatest chance of achieving your goals. Remember: it’s not how many goals you set for yourself, but rather, how many goals you achieve.

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