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Month: November 2020

Why You Should Get a Doctorate Degree in Criminal Justice

Why You Should Get a Doctorate Degree in Criminal Justice

Getting a doctorate degree qualifies you for a special club. It is the club of people that are considered an Authority is their chosen field of study. Not everybody can qualify for this club. It takes considerable study and dedication to earn the right of passage to this special club. And make no mistake about it, the gatekeepers of this club do not hand the keys to the entrance very easily.

But why would anybody put themselves through the torture of such rigorous study? Is it worth it? Are there benefits to be gained after one acquires the right of passage. In this article, I cover why you should get a doctorate degree in criminal justice.

1. Getting a doctorate degree in criminal justice almost assures you of employment when you graduate. How many PhD holders do you know that are not employed? If you know many, I submit to you that they probably went to diploma mill school where doctorate degrees are handed to people with the money to get one.

Because reputable doctorate programs subject their students to rigorous study, graduates are held in high regard. In fact, most PhD students start working by teaching as teaching assistants while getting their degree. This teaching experience gives you the relevant experience to get employment as soon as you graduate. If you are not given employment by your current school, there are other schools or organizations that will be there to snap you up as soon as you complete your program.

2. As I said above, a doctorate degree makes you an authority in your chosen field of study. So a doctorate degree in criminal justice will make you an authority in the criminal justice field. Your opinion and expertise will be sought in matters related to criminal justice.

You should be prepared to be called to testify in court cases. You may also be called to offer your expertise in legislative issues relating to criminal justice. And if you are really good and possess good communication skills, media such as television and newspapers may interview you for criminal justice news stories.

You can use the media exposure to set yourself up for consulting opportunities. As a consultant, you get to charge people for your services.

3. Another reason to get a doctorate degree in criminal justice is the pay. People with a PhD degree make an average salary of $77,000 per year compared to people with masters degree that make an average of$61,000 per year. This is a whopping $18,000 more per year.

You can also make nice income on the side. Working for a company or organization does not stop you from being a consultant and making money on the side. It is difficult for any organization you work for to stop you when your expertise is sought. This is especially true when it comes to criminal justice issues that could be of benefit to society.

The above are just a few of the whys and reasons you should consider getting a doctorate degree in criminal justice. There are definitely more. But it is hard to cover all of them in such a short article as this. I advise you to look further if you are still wondering why you should get a doctorate degree in criminal justice. There are websites on the internet that cover them in more detail. You should visit them for more information.

Note: You are free to reprint or republish this article. The only condition is that the Resource Box should be included and the links are live links.

Source by Kenneth Echie

Small Business Ideas Are Plentiful Online But Not All Created Equal

Small Business Ideas Are Plentiful Online But Not All Created Equal

The internet has somewhat opened up a can of worms when it comes to finding the best small business ideas.

See, on one side we have thousands of pages of information on just about any business idea you can think about. But on the other side, if you listen to these marketers and authors…just about every idea under the sun is fool-proof and becoming wealthy as a business owner is just about certain and failure impossible.

The thing is, there are too many folks out there on the internet selling hope when what you’re often getting is a bag of goods.

The hope that you can soon tell your boss to get lost.

Hope you can work in your pajamas and spend 90% of your time playing with your kids while the bucks pour in the door.

Hope you can buy that fancy car within a month or two.

The funny thing is…it takes more than a $47 ebook and a little will to be on your way to millions.

But the fact is, not every business idea is a good one for you personally just because someone shows you the checks they made online.

This “hard sell” of hope is nothing new. In fact, I remember back in my teens being sucked into a local ad where you could easily make thousands of dollars a week in your spare time.

Hey, sounds great to a 17 year old looking for some extra cash.

And sure enough, I go to a meeting where you sit through a dog and pony show and the presenter shows you his actual paychecks! Thousands of dollars a week for doing little work at all.

Today…this same “marketing and sales” process is plastered all over the internet. Big money. Easy work.

“If you have a heartbeat, you can earn millions with this simple, step by step system.”

It also raises a question to these so-called gurus…

“Why aren’t you doing it anymore if it’s so easy and lucrative?”

Because it’s a heck of a lot easier telling other people how to do it then actually doing it yourself.

Now, beyond the negativity, some business ideas are legitimate and might be a great fit for you. There is information out there that’s excellent, helpful, and educational. From seminars that run in the thousands to simple, $29 ebooks that give you just enough information to put you a step ahead of the competition.

But just be careful and make sure you understand what you’re getting and who it’s coming from. And beyond the information, be sure the business idea is the right fit for you, your personality, and your goals.

Source by Greg Payette

3 Reasons NOT to Trade on the Foreign Exchange Market

3 Reasons NOT to Trade on the Foreign Exchange Market

Trading on the Foreign Exchange Market or Forex has become popular across the globe in recent years.The rise in Forex trading popularity can be attributed to the ease of access which everyone now has thanks to the advance of technology. Anyone with a smart phone and an internet connection can become a Forex trader and have access to an insane amount of income.

However, there are 3 good reasons why many people should NOT consider Forex trading as a way to obtain extra income. You could call these the 3 M’s of trading.

The first requirement for successfully trading Forex is the correct mindset. Trading, whether it be Forex or Stocks, has inherent risks involved and not everyone is capable of dealing with the emotional implications of investing their money in a volatile market. The correct mindset is critical for successful day trading.

It goes without saying that a correct method or trading strategy is also very important. Finding, developing and tweaking a winning strategy takes time and discipline. Forex trading is a business and, as with any business, you need the proper skills and knowledge in order to be successful.

Finally, money is what it’s all about. And that doesn’t mean that it takes money to make money. A small account can be built into a larger account over time. Money management is the key, which means being able to make small trades and let your account grow with time. But, this goes against human nature in our fast paced world–we want it NOW!

So, if you don’t have these 3 Ms, don’t consider trading Forex. But, if you are not risk averse, are willing to learn a few simple skills and can manage your money, trading Forex can provide part-time income or more for you and your family. Age or background is not important. It is commonly known in trading circles that young people from the age of 12 years have learned to successfully trade Forex. And it doesn’t mean you will be quitting your day job anytime soon. You will be able to make extra income, but it takes time and effort to become consistently profitable.

I traded options many years ago and was very unsuccessful. I just couldn’t seem to figure out all the technical and fundamental stuff. I decided that trading just wasn’t for me. But, one day a friend introduced me to Forex and I found that it was much easier to understand. Sure, the risk and volatility is still there, but the technical side of Forex just seems to be easier to get my head around. I haven’t looked back or regretted it one bit and now I’m a full-time Forex trader and coach. Trading Forex can be lucrative but, as with anything, in order to be successful, you need to develop skills and knowledge.

Source by Rick Ray

The $14 Billion Global Industry That Can Make You Rich

The $14 Billion Global Industry That Can Make You Rich

Often you hear suggestions that affiliate marketing is dead and that there is no money to be made in it. These ideas are ridiculous as quite the opposite is happening.

Affiliate marketing is a $14 billion global industry that will not decline as increasing numbers of the world’s population come online and want to buy products and services. Anyone who can sell to this increasing audience will make money.

Affiliate Marketing Myths Exposed

Affiliate marketing has changed. Online marketing has left a lot of the old style marketers behind. The old lazy methods don’t work any more. Pasting banners on second rate content won’t do.

Old school approaches are done and so are the people who use them. And that’s good news because this means there are new ways to market successfully online.

Another myth is that Google hates affiliates. Not so. What Google hates is a certain approach to marketing on the Internet where low quality content stuffed with keywords is put out by affiliates who expect sales.

There is now a great opportunity for affiliates who learn to play by Google’s rules. Top marketers run their business by taking advantage of Google’s tough criteria. There are thousands of great products on the market that are easy to rank for but Google hates the old school approach to selling them.

Do you need to post Content daily?

No. People are looking for good content not fluff that is put together just to promote a product. What you do need is to create the right type of content that provides a high level of value.

A small website with quality information is far more valuable than a mega site full of generic information.

What people value is quality, not quantity. And that leads to opt ins and sales.

You Do the Work Once and Get Paid Over and Over

Your entire system should be built on recurring affiliate programs. You do the work once and you get paid over and over month after month, year after year.

That is how the world’s most successful affiliates do it. This is a $14 billion industry (affiliate marketing) that’s growing. Somebody is making that money.

And some people want to say affiliate marketing is dead!

Develop Sales and Marketing Skills

To be successful you will have to develop sales and marketing skills. These are so important that until you are earning a good income you should spend about 80% of your time on nothing but selling and marketing. These are the most important skills. Building an email list to keep in contact with your prospects and customers is also vital.

Affiliate marketing allows you to focus your time in this way without the demands of product creation or customer support or the need to keep stock in a warehouse with staff employed. These overheads cost a lot in an ordinary bricks and mortar business and this is another reason why online marketing will always attract ambitious entrepreneurs.

Source by John Lynch

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