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Month: September 2020

Rap Music – The New Frontier? HipHopology 101

Rap Music – The New Frontier? HipHopology 101


During the early to mid ’70s, visionaries like Kool DJ Herc introduced new ideas to the way music was played. Like some other music-loving ‘bredren and sistren’ along with myself, Kool DJ Herc was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Following the footsteps of Jamaicans that came before him, he relocated to the Bronx, NYC and took root. With a sound system like no other, there was always a party when Herc spun records. Folks from all city boroughs showed up, and brought their friends. Most of them had never experienced anything like Herc’s thunder in the clubs or at ‘block parties,’ where he was a hometown favorite. There’ll be more on these unique, social gatherings a little later. Kool DJ Herc was one of those cats that was thinking outside the box for a long time, and inspired other DJs to follow suit. Everywhere Herc touched down, he left a distinctive mark imprinted in the minds, bodies, and souls of music lovers in and around the vicinity.

Afrika Bambaataa was homegrown in the Bronx. He is best-known for taking the radical, independent factions of the Hip-Hop lifestyle and organizing it all into an urban music society…and for being the first rapper, ever. In 1984, he worked on the song “Unity” with the recently departed Godfather of Soul, James Brown. (We’re gonna miss ya, ‘Soul Brother #1.’) By mixing block parties with DJs and break-dancers, he synergized all the varying entities of Hip-Hop through his Zulu Nation. The Zulus educated inner-city youth about their history and empowered them to be productive citizens. His ears were open to all types of music as he became a catalyst for blending rhythmic styles from Africa with Funk, Go-Go, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Salsa and Soca for the first time in music history.

Bambaataa’s affiliations included the Rock Steady Crew and Double Dutch Girls. There was also a spray-painting graffiti artist who parlayed his love for ‘visual art’ into being the host of a popular show that engaged the minds of America’s Black and White youth. It ended up changing Rap music history all over the world. Now with a ‘retired’ can of spray paint, Yo MTV Raps’ Fab 5 Freddy was also a key player in the classic film, “New Jack City.” There’ll be more on that captured moment in time a little later, after we finish up with Afrika Bambaataa (& friends), and dig further into the chapter: there’s some real meat in thar! That’s what’s up.

Afrika Bambaataa became a major music producer in his own right. He spent a lot of time logged in at Tommy Boy Records between 1982 and 2005. While there, he produced a huge hit for the New York club and radio scene, 1982’s “Funky Sensation.” To me, that song defined a new era of music for both myself and the City of New York. “Funky Sensation” helped to establish a path that many dance music producers followed, well into the new millennium. Another historical Rap label that Bambaataa put some time in with was Profile Records.

Profile was the home of a trio that made music history: Run-DMC and the late Jam Master Jay. Their chronicles defined the next wave of Hip-Hop and fashion by way of brimmed Fedoras, leather pants, blues jeans, and unlaced, Adidas sneakers. During the winter, they sported snorkels with fur around the hood. In New York winters of the 70s, we sported hats like Kangols (still popular) and ‘Robin Hoods'(with side feathers) on the dome. Some folks liked toboggins and ski caps for their ‘masking’ feature. Brooklyn later picked up a pseudonym–Crooklyn. Our 70s fashion also consisted of colorful silk shirts (Versace predecessors), polyester pants with stitched pleats running down the sides called Swedish Knits, and bell-bottom blue jeans with zippers at the foot.

Squares (L-7’s) wore no name ‘rejects,’ but our popular footwear included Converse All-Stars, red, black and green Pro Keds, Pumas (my favorite were rust-colored), PONY’s, and shell-toe Adidas. We had interesting acronyms for the latter two brands. “I could tell you, but…” you know the story. Looking back now, I notice that Adidas kept the same body style longer than the Ford Explorer did! My New York winter-wear included snorkels, sheepskins, leathers, ‘Maxie’ and ‘Cortefiel’ coats with soft fur on the collar; they were the rage. People got stuck up (ganked) for them, too. I once witnessed someone grab a friend’s hat right off his head – as the train doors closed (this guy was quick!)

Some of my ‘classic’ garments are still intact: a black Robin Hood hat with a now-wilted side feather, a colorful, winged (big collar) polyester shirt with a Disco theme on the front, my sky-blue high school graduation three-piece suit, ‘Mack’ full-length Maxie coat (it looked good; mom made it), and black Cortefiel coat are all stashed somewhere around Area 51. Don’t ask me what I’m going to do with them, but my coats still have fur around the collar. Does “E.T.W.” (Extra Terrestrial Wear) sound catchy to you? Let’s check in with ‘Rush’ (Phat Farms), ‘P-D’ (Sean John), ‘J to the Z’ and ‘Double D’ (RocaWear), ‘Fiddy’ (G-Unit), and WTC (Wu Wear) for the final answer.

I’m being told to nix the trip down memory lane and stick to the script, so it’s back to the original ‘bad boys’ of 80s Rap. Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay opened up Pandora’s box with their classic hit “Rock Box.” I got a premonition of what was around the corner for Rock and Rap early on: sampled ‘guitar crunches’ fused with ‘dem phat Hip-Hop beats, boyee!’ Then the crystal ball revealed something else to me – up jumped Def Jam Recordings, LL Cool J, Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys, all using overdriven guitar sounds riding along with the big, deep 808 beat that caused car trunks (and the inside of your body) to vibrate.

Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay un-laced their Adidas and went on to re-make Rock group Aerosmith’s classic “Walk This Way,” then invited the original rockers to get in on it. Along the way, Run-DMC sold a ‘few million’ records. In the background was one Russell Simmons, pushing buttons on his remote control. Then he got a cellphone. But before groups like Run-DMC made it to the game, there was one of the first major league rappers–Afrika Bambaataa. Oh yeah; along with his group The Soulsonic Force, Bambaataa fired off a ground-breaking shot remembered as being ‘most strategically launched’ from the annals of New York’s urban jungle.

When the classic “Planet Rock” hit Billboard’s charts (it hit the year 1982 in a BIG way too), the song considerably changed music history. It used a similar robotic, vocoder-like sound as the one found in Kraftwerk’s smash “Trans-Europe Express.” “Planet Rock” was a smorgasbord of cool electronic sounds and Hip-Hop beats. Meshed together with samples from other records, it captured the attention of music lovers caught dancing to the non-stop, funky sensation of this incredible new beat. Afrika Bambaataa’s Electro-Funk style went on to influence the sound of music styles like Dance, Electronic, House, and Techno. If a sound system exists anywhere in the galaxy, I predict that “Planet Rock” will rock it. In the meantime, you can listen out for this classic hit on Internet radio, satellite radio, broadcast radio, clubs and dance parties everywhere. ‘Nuff said–next!

Creative minds of legendary pioneers such as Russell “Rush” Simmons, Eddie Cheeba, Spoonie G, Lovebug Starski, The Juice Crew, Marley Marl, MC Shan and D.J. Hollywood are also among those credited as being key leaders in the surge that brought Rap music and Hip-Hop culture to mainstream society. Many people may think the Sugar Hill Gang was one of a few initiating forces in Rap, but there were actually many other hot acts out there grinding to earn their dues

–like those affiliated with Rush Productions. Rush was building a name for itself as a music promotion company to be noticed. I’ll expound upon the meteoric rise of the dynamic institution which followed this event shortly thereafter.

With affiliations everywhere and credits that include the timely debut of Hip-Hop players like Kurtis Blow, Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation, Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, Scott La Rock, DJ Red Alert, and countless other faces hidden in the trenches, Rush was on a mission to conquer the world. The first-generation of Rap and Hip-Hop spawned a godfather, Russell Simmons, in addition to all these other creative talents. Collectively and in unison, they helped to centralize the cultural origins and sound of this music for an evolving world. The second-generation leaders of this new movement would include Russell’s little brother Joseph, who along with Darryl McDaniels and the late Jason Mizell, made up Run-DMC: the first artists of their kind to go platinum by selling a million Rap records on Profile Records. This was just the beginning; Def Jam Recordings was on the way.

Now let’s connect the dots with Sugar Hill: Back in 1957, a group called Mickey & Sylvia recorded a Bo Diddley song, “Love Is Strange.” Guitarist Mickey Baker and a vocalist named Sylvia Vanderpool established themselves in the music market as a potential hit-making duo. In 1964, Sylvia married a man named Joe Robinson. Their union led to the formation of a legacy that wouldn’t play itself fully out until the Rap craze hit. In 1973, Sylvia rolled the dice and released a huge hit, “Pillow Talk.” This song established a format that would be followed straight into the Disco heydays. Originally written for Al Green, his pass became Sylvia’s score when it tallied up a #1 R&B and #3 Pop hit. “Pillow Talk” was a sexy song that featured lots of heavy breathing, whispers, sighs and moans. It’s reminiscent of Donna Summer’s classic hit, “Love to Love You Baby.”

Sylvia Robinson synergized her abilities as a singer, musician, producer, and record executive to take her whole game to another level. As a key player at All Platinum Records, she had a hand in Shirley & Company’s 1975 hit “Shame Shame Shame.” This became a top dance song, and hit #12 on the Pop charts. By 1979, Englewood, New Jersey’s Sugar Hill Gang busted a big move by releasing a classic, “Rapper’s Delight.” In the background were Sylvia, Joe, and their Sugar Hill Record label. Passing their genes on to son Joey, Sugar Hill’s West Street Mob went on to release hits like “Ooh Baby” and “Sing A Simple Song/Another Muther For Ya.” Other aces in the deck included groups called The Sequence and The Funky 4+1. They scored a few hits with “Funk You Up,” “Simon Says,” and “That’s the Joint,” which used a nice sample from my girl Cheryl Lynn’s song “Got To Be Real.” We’ll be taking her song apart and putting it back together again in another chapter of this book series, “What Is A Song.”

Using finance money from Roulette Records chief Morris Levy (you can find out more about this guy in the book “Hit Men”–a highly-recommended favorite of mine. “I could tell you more, but…” You know the drill. As Sugar Hill grew, so did its artist roster, with the addition of Grandmaster Flash and his collective unit, The Furious Five. Although the Sugar Hill owners paid up a big balance and purchased the remaining interest in their company by the early 80’s, things began to sour for them: a deal with MCA Records died and a fire toasted their legendary studio. The label eventually shut it doors by 1986.

Almost 10 years later, retail-friendly Rhino Records picked up the Sugar Hill catalog and resuscitated the masters in the same way that they’ve done with many other lost or obscure masters. Through creative re-packaging, Rhino went on to revitalize the music (and some careers) of artists that were probably still waiting on royalties from the previous owners of their master recordings. The Sugar Hill Gang, West Street Mob and Sequence all have been released on various Sugar Hill compilations. An interesting occurrence after the Sugar Hill assault was the massive availability of the sequencer, drum machine, synthesizer, sampler and MIDI around the early 80s.

‘Creatives’ and ‘infamists’ among the likes of Russell Simmons, Rick Rubin, The Bomb Squad and producer Marley Marl locked themselves up in ‘Big Apple laboratories’ coming up with the next lethal mix of sound. When released, Def Jam and the ‘Sound of Marl’ quickly put music listeners into a ‘yoke’ as concoctions they whipped up became highly potent chemicals on the proverbial ‘periodic music table of elements’ upon hitting the airwaves; through radio station, mobile and club DJs. I cannot over-emphasize it enough: ‘BIG UPS’ to these guys! After the creative synergy of vocalists, musicians and producers, DJs are credited as being one of the most direct pipelines to exciting new music. You should take note that “DJ” makes up the initials of Def Jam. Now let’s keep the record playing; teacher’s not through with today’s lesson yet…

Independent labels like Profile, Sugar Hill, Priority, 4th. & Broadway and Tommy Boy scooped up young, talented Hip-Hop artists. Major labels like Columbia, Epic, MCA, Mercury and Warner Brothers got an early jump on the game as they formed alliances with Rap labels and artists. Moves like these were executed through street-savvy labels like Def Jam. It grew into the premier, multi-faceted music conglomerate of the century. Started in a college dorm room, Def Jam is now managed from a corporate boardroom, and worth hundreds of millions.

Founder Russell Simmons parted from his share of the company in 1999, after the Universal Music Group made him a $100 million offer that he couldn’t refuse. We’re not talking pesos here, folks! Let’s breeze through a few landmark events regarding Def Jam Recordings: In 1983, the company was founded by Russell, who was called “Rush” when he was business partners with one Rick Rubin. Before this form of osmosis occurred, Simmons ‘did the business’ behind pioneers like Kurtis Blow, the first Rap artist with a major record deal. He signed on with Mercury Records; it was a part of the PolyGram distribution machine. The label went on to forge a long-lasting relationship with Kurtis Blow, Russell ‘Rush’ Simmons, and his growing company.

In spring of 1984, I began a two season internship with Def Jam’s distributor. By fall quarter, I was a college rep. During Def Jam’s first decade, I marketed and promoted every record released through the pipeline. This included music by the distributor’s affiliated Epic label. Epic was born to CBS Records (a division of CBS, Inc.) during the early 50s. It was a cute little Classical/Jazz label and grew to be a strong, healthy major label with many active body parts (Rock, R&B, Country). Epic picked up other siblings. One of them was T-Neck Records. An influential Soul/R&B/Funk collective of the 50s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond the new millennium terrain, The Isley Brothers ran a music empire tucked inside this fully-functional sibling unit’s clothes. And bank account–let’s call it a budget.

Another sibling was Portrait Records. By the 80’s, Portrait had sold millions of records by major stars like Cyndi Lauper, Sade and Stanley Clarke. Since Epic was the oldest kid, it acquired a firm place in history as the foundation that supported the throne of none other than the King of Pop music, Michael Jackson. As a matter of fact, the former lead singer of Motown’s Jackson Five actively participated (along with wildly colorful CBS Records group president Walter Yetnikoff) in the disbursement of CBS’ unwanted offspring (CBS Records, Inc.) to the Sony Corporation in 1988. By 2004, Sony Music Entertainment had consolidated its monster Columbia and Epic labels, then merged with another major record label: BMG. On the Internet, iTunes was selling millions of digital downloads. But that’s a story for later. Stay tuned.

Def Jam product began flowing through shortly after I jumped in the big game to see if I could swim. I witnessed the music of many groundbreaking artists ‘rushed’ through the system. Notable executives like Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles entered the fold, as promoters like Wes Johnson and Johnnie Walker locked down efforts to turn the airwaves into ‘Def Jam radio.’ Def Jam became one of the hottest commodities in distribution by the other major label within a major label.

This record company made its mark by using a red trademark on the product it manufactured. Columbia Records was the big brother of Def Jam: the hottest Rap label in the Hip-Hop market. Def Jam had million-selling acts like LL Cool J, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, and later arrivals like DMX, then Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records. Columbia, also known as “Big Red,” was owned by music giant CBS Records. By 1991, CBS Records was purchased by the Sony Corporation for some $2 billion that I’ll say came out of the ‘petty cash fund’ (they had OLD money, and plenty of it). CBS Records later became Sony Music Entertainment. If you haven’t guessed already (where’ve you been?), here’s a prediction: you’ll read about more adventures with ‘the firm’ as we move along.

Between all of this ‘promoting’ (as a college rep), I managed getting an introduction to Russell Simmons at a Jack The Rapper convention in Atlanta by Columbia’s national director of Black music promotion, Miss Mike Bernardo, who is such a sweet lady. At this time, she was next in line to the vice-president of Columbia’s national promotion department: Vernon Slaughter and Mike Bernardo were responsible for the overall performance of Columbia’s Black radio and club promotion department. Vernon later became one of Atlanta’s top power brokers. He was LaFace Record’s first general manager, personally signing artists like Toni Braxton to the label. He later became a key player at a law firm headed up by powerhouse entertainment lawyer Joel Katz, and was the legal muscle behind many artist deals, movie soundtracks and no telling what else!

As vice-president and national director respectively, Vernon and Mike implemented the national strategies set forth by Columbia. The staff consisted of dozens of regional promotion people strategically placed in key American cities. Throughout my career at the label Vernon, Mike, and the promotion people I knew showed me plenty of love, and were first-class players in the game, too. Not long after Def Jam’s arrival, I became an account service rep, then a Black music marketing rep for Sony’s southeast regional branch in Atlanta. I doubt if there was any connection. Anyway, Def Jam left Sony for PolyGram in 1994 (also the year that I parted company with Sony and launched a recording studio); that same year, PolyGram purchased 50% of Sony’s holdings in Def Jam.

By 1996, PolyGram bought another 10%, and in 1998 the Universal Music Group (UMG) acquired PolyGram Group Distribution (PGD) to become the world’s biggest record label. After a series of major operational changes, longtime staffers Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles severed ties with Def Jam, which by now had grown to include other hot labels like Atlanta-based Def Jam South (headed up by The Geto Boys’ Mr. Scarface), Disturbing Tha Peace (Ludacris), Def Soul, Jay-Z, Damon Dash and Roc-A-Fella. Though DMX’s product was released through Def Jam, his Ruff Ryders crew got a label deal with Interscope. In the post Cohen/Liles era, former LaFace/Arista big-wig L.A. Reid re-appeared at the helm of the big ship. Then, multi-platinum rapper Jay-Z became the new chief of Def Jam (now part of Island Def Jam Music Group), proving that he too, could do what Rap music guru Russell Simmons’ legendary rapper Kurtis Blow said he wanted to do: ‘Rule The World.’

The future of Def Jam included plans for more affiliations with labels like Atlanta’s Slip-N-Slide Records (Ying Yang Twins). Atlanta was now a city on the move, and Simmons made it a frequent stop on his international itinerary. From Rush Productions and Kurtis Blow to Def Jam, OBR and Rush Associated Labels, to Rush Communications and Phat Farms, the Visa ‘Rush Card,’ a beautiful model-wife and kids, to astronomic amounts of future cash flow, Russell Simmons demonstrated his ability to serve as the Rap game’s foremost guiding hand…and ‘head of the household,’ too. He was the proverbial captain of a ship, navigating through those often-bumpy waters of the constantly shifting Rap/Hip-Hop industry. Def Jam Recordings became an extraordinary multimedia company because of a determined visionary’s ability to reach out and touch people– through the power of Rap music and the Hip-Hop culture. Simply put, none of these entities could be spoken of without mention of the great and powerful, “Mr. Rush.”

Source by La Jackson

Loral Langemeier – Millionaire-Maker Or Con Artist?

Loral Langemeier – Millionaire-Maker Or Con Artist?

I happened to turn on the car radio the other day during an interview of Loral Langemeier. It wasn’t too long before I figured out this was an infomercial. I had never heard of this woman with the raspy voice before, but soon discovered she’s a “money coach” and best-selling author. She was giving away a free copy of one of her books and a CD.

I listened for 20 minutes or so, hoping to discover exactly what it was she was offering. As usual, in this type of “interview”, the interviewer, a man, was part of the act. The entire interview could have been condensed into about a minute without losing any of the content. The rest was all hype.

Their message was very simple – Loral can help you start a real work at home business, earning money each month, without spending a lot of time, and regardless of your current financial situation – and she was offering this help for free (except for postage and handling, of course!). How much extra cash will she help you earn every month? $500, $1000, maybe a lot more. How was she going to do this? She alluded to a number of possible ways this could be done – real estate, investments, the Internet…

Of course, I knew she wasn’t on the radio simply to give something away, so what was her angle? What was she really trying to sell? I listened in vain. One thing she kept mentioning over and over should have been a clue something about going counter to the advice offered by others who teach you how to cut back on your expenses. Her message was something like “don’t worry about trying to live on less – live better by earning more”. Another thing she said was that everyone knows something or has something they can use to turn into a business. What did she mean by that?

I’m always curious about any method of making extra money so after arriving home, I did a Google search on Langemeier. I soon discovered that this raspy-voiced woman wasn’t as old as she sounded on the radio. I found a video of her where her voice didn’t sound so raspy – maybe she was hoarse on the radio from talking so much – who knows?

I found her “official” websites – one about Langemeier herself and another about her business – “LiveOutLoud.com” – an interesting name. On both websites you’ll find more hype – information about her 3 best-selling financial books, her popular seminars, a list of her radio interviews and television appearances, including one on the Dr. Phil show, etc.

Loral holds frequent “Cash Machine” workshops where she promises that 100% of the attendees will make money at the event – quite a guarantee. At the workshops you supposedly learn the how to identify your personal cash machine. Then she and her “dream team of wealth builders” teach you how to create a vision, build a wealth team, and show you how to take action with your business plan. The workshops are topped off by the “Millionaire Marketplace” where participants get an opportunity to actually make money on the spot before leaving the workshop.

One past workshop participant gleefully reported, “we are on track to close over $25,000 worth of business in the next couple of weeks just from that one event!!” The workshops run $2,495 per person and they are apparently only the beginning. Loral also offers personalized coaching – not just one, but five levels! The cost? Who knows? You have to talk to someone in her organization to find that out.

I found clues regarding the cost of her coaching programs on another website, AllFinancialMatters.com. It had a review of her book, “The Millionaire Maker” and well over 100 comments by website visitors regarding Loral and her program. This is where I learned how much her coaching programs cost. I was shocked by some of the numbers people were mentioning – $4,800, $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, $25,000! I know there are 5 levels of coaching available, but some people seemed to feel that the price they were being quoted was based on the amount of their available credit.

There were both positive and negative comments about Loral and her coaching programs on the book review website.

On the positive side, one person wrote, “It is a lot of work, and accountability is really priceless. This month my husband was able to leave his W-2 job making way more money than he was before. Loral is simply amazing and we owe our success to her.” Another wrote, “At this point, my “Cash Machine” is moving right along”. “I have increased my income by 30%”, adds another person. One commenter wrote, “From my perspective, looking at my life before Live Out Loud, and today, I wouldn’t change anything… Every penny I spent, and event I’ve attended, has served me well.”

Others weren’t so glowing in their praise. “Loral is greedy and her main focus is to take your money not help you earn it.”, wrote one person. Another says, “I am currently enrolled in the coaching program and I am seriously dissatisfied. “Loral Langemeier is a scam artist in a long line of such people who get rich by preying on stupid people”, adds another. “The coaching program is a ripoff.”, and finally this comment, “Loral is a crook who prays on the desperation of people.”

With such a divergence of opinion, it’s difficult to come to a definitive conclusion about Loral Langemeier.

Frankly, from what I’ve learned, I have no doubt that Loral is a talented woman with an incredible amount of drive, energy, and charisma. She’s also has a huge ego, and an insatiable appetite for public attention.

Will she make you rich? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends more upon you than her. It’s really like many things in life – her program will produce a few superstars – and many others who experience only mediocre success – or none at all.

Having run my own businesses for many years, I know you can’t please everyone all the time. In fact, the more successful you are, the more detractors you’ll have. It’s just one of the prices you have to pay for success – and Loral is paying it. Just because a lot of people dont’t like her doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a bad person. It’s just the way things work in this imperfect world – sorry if I’m sounding too philosophical or preachy.

Do I recommend Loral Langemeier? This is something you have to decide for yourself. In order to be successful with her program, you probably have to be a little like her – a leader, dynamic, goal-oriented, and a risk-taker. Okay, I guess it wouldn’t hurt if you also have some cash to blow, are very teachable, and perhaps a little desperate. If you can’t identify with any of these things, she’s probably not for you.

Source by John Horning

How to Make Money During a Recession – Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money During a Recession – Affiliate Marketing

The phone calls never stopped; bill collectors are a determined lot and I was actually pretty happy when the phone company shut our service off for non-payment. I had lost my job and the end was near. If I could not figure out how to make money during this recession, life as we once knew it would be gone. Late one night as I paced the floors with worry, I got an email from a friend. She was in the same boat as we were. Her husband had lost his job and they nearly lost their home… but then she discovered two little words that changed her life: Affiliate Marketing! 

I sure hope you have not stopped reading! I nearly did but this was a good friend of mine who would not lead me down the wrong path. Yes, lack of money can make people do desperate things but she would not take advantage of me and my family by getting us involved in some hair-brained Internet Marketing scheme, of that I was sure.

I read the email and she was talking about how she had come across a way to make extra money during this recession. It was called Affiliate Marketing and the idea behind it was pretty simple and made a lot of sense. You would find a crowd of people who had a desperate need or desire and then match them up with someone who had what they were hungry for. Find a starving crowd, see what they are hungry for and then give it to them… yes, that sounded straight forward enough.

Seems a lot of people all over the world are hungry for information that will help them solve a problem they have. Things like how to lose weight, how to save their marriage, how to save energy, how to fix their plumbing, how to start a vegetable garden… you name it, the list is endless. Through Affiliate Marketing you find someone who has written a book that solves these problems and sign up to promote their product for free. Now I’m not talking physical books here, I’m talking about digital, online books that people can read right on their computer screens as soon as they make payment. When an online purchase is made you will receive a generous commission for your efforts from the creator of the product.

And you know what? These books do not have printing and shipping costs associated with them so the commissions the owners pay out are incredibly high! It is so amazing but you definitely need to know what you are doing, but once you do, the amount of money you can make online with Affiliate Marketing is quite amazing! Recession, what recession?

Source by Alice Byers

The Pros and Cons of InfoBarrel

The Pros and Cons of InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel is a great writing platform that can help you to establish your online presence and credibility when you write for them. But not only that, InfoBarrel also allows you to earn a residual income while doing so. Here are some of the pros as well as a few cons to writing for InfoBarrel.

The Pros

Earn Revenue. InfoBarrel is a great site to help you to earn an extra income on the side. But if you have a lot of articles, you could even make a full-time residual income. However, InfoBarrel does not pay you according to page views, but rather you get a percentage of the revenue that is generated through Google Adsense. Therefore the more you write, and the more traffic that you create, the more money you can make.

Resource Boxes. InfoBarrel allows you to create and save many resource boxes to accompany your articles. In these boxes you are allowed to add links to other sites where you are selling stuff and so on.

Establish Your Credibility. Writing articles for writing platforms is a great way for you to establish your credibility. This includes whether you are a freelancer, an affiliate marketer, or when you are selling your own products. Writing helps you to show off your knowledge in your field, and thus others will be more likely to trust your recommendations.

Profile Page. InfoBarrel allows you to create a profile page from where others can see all of your content, your achievements on the site and more. From this page you are also allowed to link out to other sites for more free traffic to them.

The Cons

No Links in Article. One of the cons of InfoBarrel is that they will not allow you to add links into your article, unless they are links to other InfoBarrel articles. The only outgoing links that are allowed along with your articles are those that are in the resource box.

Original Content. I could hardly say that this is a con, but InfoBarrel requires that you only submit content that is original and not posted anywhere else online. It is a con in the sense that it is more work to rewrite your content so that it is unique, but it is a pro as well, as unique content will help you to rank higher in the search engines.

Despite the few cons, InfoBarrel is a great site to take advantage of, and make it a part of your internet marketing strategies.

Source by Helen Reimer

11 Reasons Why Your Affiliate Business Is Doomed To Failure

11 Reasons Why Your Affiliate Business Is Doomed To Failure

Many an online entrepreneur has been in this situation. You keep getting back up because you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. You have tried everything, but sometimes you find it hard opening up your computer and keeping on going. When will all this work pay off? Are my friends and family right after all? Maybe I’m wasting my time and should do something else.

But then it dawns on you what alternatives you have. 9 to 5 working hours, long commutes, annoying coworkers and bosses. The unemployment line and the jobs fairs. Careers days and lack of purpose. Capped wages and job uncertainty. You realise the reasons why you are persevering online, and carry on.

I have found myself in this situation many times. I often ask myself what the best course of action is. But it always comes back to time and financial freedom. I don’t want to trade time for money any more. I want something else. I don’t want to work for anyone else or trust anyone else with my income level. I don’t want to be tied up to a job I have no love for, or with people who don’t care for me.

Why Is Your Affiliate Business Doomed

Your affiliate business is never doomed until you are beaten! But for many people they will never achieve the time and financial freedom which they aspire to achieve. Some will give up too easily and blame their business for their shortcomings. Some will try for years only to give up later. But why do so many people struggle when trying to build a profitable online business?

Number 1 – Expectations

One of the top reasons I suspect is our expectations. We see the guru’s with their Lamborghini’s and expect to have one ourselves soon too. We start our online business fully believing this to be possible but we don’t get any results.

For one, it’s very easy to ‘show your wealth’ online. Don’t expect every guru to be telling the truth. It’s much cheaper to hire a Lamborghini for a day than it is to buy one outright. When it’s a business expense you can write it off against expenses. I’m not saying the top online entrepreneurs don’t achieve great things, just to keep it in perspective. Also, most people starting an online business aren’t interested in Lamborghini’s. They want to escape their unhappy jobs and lives. They want something better for themselves.

The second point with expectations is that we can expect something too early to come from a little effort online. When we don’t see results we assume our efforts have no effect at all. The truth is that our small actions online will magnify their effect over time. Some take months to get their online business going and some take years. If you can keep positive while also having a firm grounding in reality, it will serve to keep you going for the long haul, rather than spitting out your dummy just because you haven’t made huge amounts of money for a tiny little bit of work.

Ask yourself, “Do I really deserve success for the effort I have put in?”. Often the answer will be no. Only when you keep going through the difficult times and pursue knowledge as well as profit, will you arrive.

Number 2 – Shiny Object Syndrome

You’re doomed to failure online if you believe everything the next ‘shiny object’ promises you. Jumping from one ‘get rich quick’ scheme to another is a futile exercise. The problem with the internet is there is too much information. We are overloaded with information. If you start browsing around for programs to teach you how to make money online you will be met with a full email inbox every day.

Information overload leads to inactivity. And this leads to poverty. Just when you are about to take one course of action, another shiny new ‘system’ arrives which distracts you. Before you can apply the knowledge you have learned, you ditch it for another system which offers an even ‘easier’ way to do things online!

Number 3 – Distractions

Sticking to your course is difficult online. The shiny distractions, the people in your life and the well meaning friends and family who are trying to persuade you not to pursue the life of your dreams. They will try and distract you, and put you off the idea that you can make money with an internet business. The ‘status quo’ has a strong pull for people. Going a different route scares people, and they like to be comfortable.

Holding to a regular pattern of work online can present some challenges. Especially if you have a full time job and family commitments. Your employer doesn’t want your online business to work either and will undermine you at every chance. They don’t want you to be free of your employment if they can’t be!

All of these factors will conspire to draw you away from your internet business. No one is interested in your wealth and prosperity – only in maintaining the status quo. So number 3 on my list as to why your affiliate business is doomed to failure are distractions! Avoid distractions and focus wholeheartedly on your internet business whenever you can. Do this regularly and over a long period of time and it will start producing results.

Number 4 – Lack Of Knowledge

If we all had perfect knowledge we would all be living very different lives. But in reality we don’t know everything about everything. Our preconceived ideas come from our education, upbringing, location, the people around us and the people we spend most of our time with. Those people who advise you about your internet business – are they entrepreneurs? Are they successful?

The answer is probably not. Despite this we still look to people around us for advice which they couldn’t possibly be qualified to give. The problem is, everyone seems to be a self appointed fountain of knowledge for everything!

Starting out with an online business takes some know-how. Despite the fact that an internet business can change your life, most people would prefer to browse free forums and look at YouTube videos for their information. Would a doctor or a lawyer think about doing this for their career? Number 4 in the reasons of why your internet business is doomed to failure is lack of knowledge. But more than that it is the lack of interest in developing that knowledge and continuing to improve.

The Busy Fool – Number 5

Are you being a busy fool? Are you avoiding the important to do the unnecessary? For a long time I was focused on the wrong activities with my online business. I spent far too long creating shiny websites and adjusting images to make them look better. They didn’t even get any traffic, much less make any money. In the early stages I just thought people would randomly find my websites. All I had to do (I thought) was put them up and make them look good!

Several years (years of poverty) later, I realised my mistake. Don’t be a busy fool online. An affiliate business is performance related. It’s not like a job where you can ‘wing it’ and still get paid at the end of the month. If you don’t make any sales, you don’t get paid.

Concentrate your time on doing the vital money producing activities after you have learned what is necessary to build an internet business in the right way.

Number 6 – The Wrong Business Model

You can work really hard on your online business and still make no money. Conversely, you can do all the right things and make money much more easily. The difference is knowledge. Having a business model which works for you for the long term is a huge part of this.

Some affiliate products pay you once for a sale. After that the customer belongs to them. Further sales to the customer are not attributed to you, the affiliate. Think about the lifetime value of a loyal customer for a business. If you choose an affiliate program which rewards you for the lifetime value of a customer, you are gearing your activities to be profitable in the future, even after the initial sale.

Membership products allow affiliates to earn month after month for a single sale. Are you using them? Struggling affiliates are missing a trick with this one. Membership sales can last a lifetime for each customer.

Are you using a built in sales team and up-sells? A built in sales team can dramatically improve your bottom line as an affiliate. This is particularly true of high ticket sales. Use all these aspects in conjunction with each other for maximum effect. Sell single items for minimum commission and you will have a long road ahead of you to make your business viable and to quit your job (if that’s one of your goals).

Number 7 – Lack Of Momentum

Top affiliates don’t dabble with their business. They know it has the potential to transform their lives massively. They take massive action on a daily basis. If you’re dabbling with your business maybe it’s time to take stock. Do you have what it takes to make it work or is this just a hobby?

Treat your business like a hobby and it will pay you accordingly. Treat it like a real business and it will respond in kind. Remember why you started an online business in the first place. It wasn’t to add to your to ‘do list’ and keep you busy. Remind yourself why you are bothering with an online business. Set some serious heavy weight goals for your business and take action every day to achieve them.

Momentum comes from working hard in a certain direction. When you see results your motivation increases. You learn what works and work harder in those areas. If you lack focus it can become a habit to wander and dawdle. Focus on what you can do to change your state and do something positive for your business.

Number 8 You Don’t Set Goals

Your online business is doomed to failure if you don’t set any goals. How can you hit a target if you don’t know what it is or where it is? If you work consistently but have no goals it could be you are filling time in to distract yourself or keep busy. Most achievements are accomplished through having specific and time bound goals. Goals should be realistic but also they should highly motivate you too.

Write down some realistic goals which you are massively motivated by. Break them down into daily action steps and keep going.

Many would-be internet entrepreneurs lose track of their bigger dreams and get bogged down in the daily tasks. As an entrepreneur you need to think of the bigger picture and do the daily tasks as well. You need to see the overview of your life and your business, and not get ‘stuck’ in the ‘technician’ role of daily tasks.

Number 9 – Self Image

How do you see yourself? What about when no one is looking? Or when you are around certain people? Your self image is such an important part of your success. See yourself as a success and you will become one. See yourself as a failure and you will become one.

The self image is an important invisible barrier to success in all endeavors. Read Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz if you are serious about growing your business.

How do you see yourself? How do you relate to money coming in? And going out? How do you interact with other people in life? How do you feel about money? The answers to these questions can lead to a better understanding of our inner world and how we see ourselves. Unless we change our inner world we have very little chance of changing our outer circumstances. Simply because we fall back to our default ‘comfort zone’ and perpetuate our same problems which we know and feel ‘safe’ with. They are based around our self image, which we have built up over our lifetime.

Number 10 – Your 10 Best Friends

Like attracts like. You can tell what kind of person someone is by looking closely at the their 10 best friends. The average of all their income will usually give you yours. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’. If you spend time with people who constantly complain about lack of money, trouble with their partners and work colleagues, it will be more difficult to change your reality from theirs.

Find people who support your changing values and have goals in common with you. Spend less time with people who don’t support your goals and dreams. Notice how some people make you feel about your goals and aspirations.

Many online businesses are doomed to failure because of this one simple thing. You are alone with your online business. You don’t have anyone around you to support your new direction, learning and goals. In fact, many of your closest friends probably secretly hope you will fail, simply because they don’t want to improve themselves. You succeeding means the ‘status quo’ changes. The social status bar has changed and they may see themselves as more of a failure measured against you by some unconscious competitiveness, which we all have a little of.

Find a community of entrepreneurs to help you focus on your goals and encourage you forwards.

The Wrong Activities – Number 11

You mean well and you work hard with your online business. Unfortunately you keep doing the same activities. Those activities which will only take you to your ultimate goal in a very long time. Maybe you just do a blog every day, hoping to get found on Google for your work. Perhaps you expect Google to be your savior? If you’re waiting for Google to rank your articles before you make any money you might be in for a long wait. Plus, Google may even never rank you highly enough to get a realistic amount of visitors to your website.

Based on 1% of your visitors turning into buyers, how does your business look now? Remember the internet is an information gathering tool. No-one owes you a living. Certainly Google doesn’t. You can even be hit by a penalty, or never rank in the first place.

Do you share your articles? Blogging is a good cheap source of traffic but you also need to share your content. Don’t expect Google to work for you, it’s too busy working for itself!

So my number 10 reason why your internet business is doomed to failure is that you’re doing the wrong things. Doing the wrong things can only be good if you learn from it, after noticing it, and then alter your activities accordingly.

Of course it all takes time. Even hard work and dedication falls on deaf ears from time to time. You need to suck it up and remember that it is just a business..

Keep working and turning up. Eventually your business will thrive, but only if you do it right, get the right education from the start, join a community and keep working hard both on your business and on yourself.

Keep reminding yourself that an internet business is still a business. But it’s not like any other business. If you do it right and stick at it for long enough and work hard in the right direction it can give you a lot more than most businesses.

Time freedom, financial freedom and geographical freedom are all things which an internet based business can offer. But for most people it is just the simple things that really matter. Things like spending more time with friends and family, not having to work for anyone else, and working in your own way. For some it’s the income which has held their lives back for long enough to want to do something about it.

Source by Tim Halloran

How to Become a Nopalea Distributor or Nopalea Affiliate

How to Become a Nopalea Distributor or Nopalea Affiliate

Nopalea is a wellness drink that is fast becoming a household byword. The health benefits of this drink are now known far and wide with its positive reviews and testimonials. Napolea is made by TriVita – an established wellness company whose mission is to inspire people to experience good health and create wealth. With this mission, Sonora Bloom Nopalea created an opportunity for believers to share the wellness and build wealth. This is done by becoming a Nopalea Distributor. All you need to do is sign up and start building your customer base.

Here are 5 reasons why you should become a Nopalea distributor:

You are backed by a famous, established, and debt free wellness company. TriVita is a mission driven company that will support your efforts and help you succeed during these hard economic times.

You can spread the wellness. By being a Nopalea distributor, you have the opportunity to let everyone know about this great product that will give positive side effects on their body’s overall wellness. Your personal experience in drinking Nopalea will help you earn your client’s trust.

You can build your wealth. Whether you are working from home or working full time, you can earn cash fast and keep getting extra cash for the long term.

You can reach a wider customer base. With the multimedia cooperative marketing programs that TriVita has, you will have access to different advertising tools that have been proven to work. DVDs, brochures, display tools, and handouts are within reach for your disposal.

You can trust your leaders. Backed by professional experience from the executive team, you will be able to proudly represent your company. You will learn the secrets of their success and their health and wealth perspective.

Being a distributor has its benefits. You get free business resources, special discounts when you buy for your own wellness and the opportunity to have a business of your own making you the boss. With the cash you earn from being a wellness distributor, you get to earn extra and ultimately experience financial freedom.

A Nopalea affiliate also gives you the chance to earn in five easy ways.

Accelerator Weekly Bonus – you get a generous bonus for every member you get over your first 90 days.

Generous Commissions – A generous 21% commission will be given on all your members’ purchases of Sonora Bloom Nopalea. For each new member that your member signed up, you get 4% on the new member’s purchases too.

Growing Network – Depending on your monthly qualification, you can get as much as 3% on all purchases made by the members you personally acquired and if they can duplicate your efforts, you get 7% on up to 6 tiers of member’s purchases.

Director Earnings – when you become a director, you get to earn more from members in your entire line. 4% on purchases of personally acquired members and 2% of purchases up to the next three tiers.

Presidential Director – a generous 1% commission on all purchases in your organization plus up to four tiers of presidential directors.

As you can see becoming a Nopalea affiliate definitely has its perks. Now that is just a little bit about the program structuring, but what you should be more interested in is the demand for a product such as Nopalea and whether or not Nopalea actually provides value for it’s customers. The truth lies in its power to fight inflammation and this is where I have found most of my personal success. That is the great thing about marketing this popular drink, it has many different applications and uses for people. Its our job to relate to them.

Source by Neil Box

Getting Started With an Online Business Idea

Getting Started With an Online Business Idea

In the past, creating a new business to generate extra income involved setting up a ‘bricks and mortar’ outlet with stock, rent, staff and all the other associated business headaches. Now, with the internet, setting up your own work from home business is much more efficient.

In this current economy more people are starting to look at different ways that they can earn some extra income. All too many of us are working longer hours and earning less money than we did a few years ago.

The fall and decline of some of the high street names has made some people think that the whole business world is collapsing. But, for an online business idea, the digital world of the internet, business is booming! The “digital economy”, is showing a trend of people shifting their focus to creating their own businesses online instead of working for someone else in a ‘traditional business’.

When it comes to an online business idea, one of the easiest and most profitable methods is through affiliate marketing. This is because becoming an affiliate marketer requires no experience, no stock and simple promotional techniques that will convert prospective buyers into customers.

It is quite a simple online business idea – you promote products and services of other vendors and when they are sold, you make a commission.

It takes some basic things to be successful at affiliate marketing:

  • Staying focused.
  • Picking a niche product to start with and then getting started.
  • Making a schedule and then sticking to it.
  • Be willing to learn how to successfully implement your online business idea into reality

Where do you start with your online business idea?

One place to start is ClickBank, which is like an warehouse retailer of digital products. With over 10,000 digital products, it is one of the premier affiliate networks. It is easy to use, easy to join, and there are products in many different markets. You will certainly find a product that you would like to promote here.

In order to earn commissions, all you need to do is create an account with an affiliate ID, find a product that you want to promote and create a link that you can send customers to.

When they click on your link, it will record your commissions when they buy the product.

When you are working on your online business idea and looking at ClickBank, you will see a few references to each of the products.

Sale Price: This is the amount that affiliates are earning for referring customers.

Percentage of Sale: This is the average percentage commissions earned per affiliate per sale.

Gravity of Product: The gravity number is important because it shows the popularity of the product over time. Every time the product is sold or a new affiliate joins and uses the link, the gravity of the program will change. When you are starting out with affiliate marketing on ClickBank, ideally you want the gravity rating for the product that you want to promote to be between 20 and 100. If it is more than 100, it means that is a lot of competition selling this product. If it is less than 20, it means that there is not a lot of interest in the product.

So, now you have found your products for your online business idea, you need to go out into the marketplace and find people to buy them.

I will discuss how to do this in another article.

If you are considering an online business idea, consider this: ComScore.com, a leader in measuring the digital world, reported that the holiday season online retail spending for 2012 was a 16-percent increase over 2011.

This includes November 26 (aka Cyber Monday) which became the heaviest online spending day on record at $1.4 billion.

This surge of billions and billions of online spending being transferred from brick and mortar stores to the internet has created an incredible opportunity for those have an online business idea.

Source by Jon Allo

Where Can I Buy the Jabulani Official Soccer Ball?

Where Can I Buy the Jabulani Official Soccer Ball?

Jabulani is the Official Ball of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa and it is already one of the most sought after soccer balls in the history of the game. Maybe, this is because more interest has been generated for the 2010 World Cup Match than any other FIFA World Cup in history, but I think it’s because the Jabulani looks so exotic, so African and also, it is a new kind of soccer ball for fans and players alike. The Adidas Company designed this 2010 World Cup ball, as they do for every World Cup and they have really raised the bar for football technology and style with this latest new soccer ball.

The 2010 World Cup Official Match Ball from Adidas is being sold all over the world, mostly online, though some soccer shops carry one or two. You can buy an official or replica Jabulani ball at online World Cup Souvenir Shops where you can have your ball shipped to you anywhere you are. The best deal on an official size 5 Jabulani can be found at online World Cup Football Shops right now for as low as $59.00 US! This is a way lower price than the official Adidas Site which is selling the ball for $150.00! Shipping costs will depend on where you want your ball sent. If you want to spend less money, consider buying a replica Jabulani, available in size 5, 4 & 3 for practicing, teams, & kids collections. The replica Jabulani sells for as low as $18.99 and looks virtually identical to the official ball.

Jabulani means “to party on or celebrate” in the Zulu language, which represents one of the many tribal cultures of South Africa. The design contains 11 different colors in an African styled woven elliptical pattern that spiral around the ball on a shiny white background. The 11 colors used on the weave grpahic are symbolic of the 11 players on each team, the 11 official & tribal languages spoken in South Africa, and the fact that the Jabulani is the 11th Adidas World Cup Match Ball. For a sports ball, this one is total eye candy and sometimes I find myself enjoying watching the ball as much as the players! So gorgeous, so cool; only to be kicked around the world by hundreds of the strongest football players and possibly millions of aspiring fans and future soccer stars. You would think that it would not even matter WHAT the soccer ball looked like; It’s who wins the match that counts, right? Well maybe not entirely! The Jabulani soccer ball, designed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup Soccer event is just so beautiful to look at, that everyone wants one, even non-soccer fans. Adidas designs a different official ball for every World Cup and many fans around the world collect them, keep them in special display cases or original packaging to retain the ball’s mint condition. This fan behavior can finally be comprehended now that such a looker of a ball has been released.

The new technology that makes the Jabulani ball different are; the air and traction grooves that are moulded into the surface are designed to provide increased grip & control, but they may be responsible for the extra flightiness and trajectory spin as well. The jabulani apparently has a more perfectly spherical overall shape that was supposed to have provide greater shot accuracy but we do not see that playing out on the pitch just yet. I wonder if all the players had enough time to practice with the new ball? The other new technology used to create the Jabulani is that it is put together with only 8 panels that are seamlessly molded and thermally bonded. NO stitches to interfere with the balls spinning motion. The Jabulani really does spin like a dervish, you can actually see the difference when you watch it flying across the stadium on those long long passes.

Though there has been lots of the usual grousing & complaining about the Jabulani from some players, it really is the coolest soccer ball ever. It goes faster and has trajectory differences that are creating a little leeway in the game that means that the players need to perfect some twisted new spinning skills. Scoring has been on the low side so far in the World Cup tournament and perhaps the Jabulani is making it more challenging for the scorers to control the ball at longer distances. Obviously, the ball presents challenges for the goal keepers as well as it is more difficult to get an exact read on where the heck the Jabulani is going next on a long shot. Just wait until there’s wind! Some players have noted that it is too light and moves like a beach ball! Ouch!

After the first few days of matches, it looks like the players are getting a grip on the new type of ball; there has been improvement already as the matches roll out and the ball is in play more. There is no changing the official ball once the World Cup has started so players will just have to adjust. Every player will have the same adjustment to make, so the playing field is level even it it does present a few new twists in how to play the ball. These are the very best soccer players on earth and they are quite capable of understanding and acting on any small changes in the ball. Weather always has a fairly profound effect on the ball anyway and players have had to adapt to these differences in ball motion due to temperature and altitude since the game began.

The Jabulani is now the most well known ball by name in the history of World Cup Match Balls; most soccer fans cannot even name any other ball. This one is very special and will long be remembered for its beauty, street cool and controversy much like the African continent itself. Congrats to the Adidas company for a great design and interesting interpretation of African culture.

Source by Dee Lennox

Part Time Jobs: Get Work From Home

Part Time Jobs: Get Work From Home

Part time jobs are booming in current state of affairs world wide. Owing to its characteristics, people are looking forward to make their future herein. In case you have an intention to take up such jobs, chances are good that you will get such jobs according to your convenient time in order to earn extra money. The major plus point of it is that you can earn spare income while being available at home. So as to do such jobs, you need to inculcate your free hours into work. There are two kinds of part time jobs, one online jobs and the other is offline jobs. With the help of this article, you will come to know about online part time jobs.

Opportunities in online part time jobs:

Market is flooded with online part time jobs. There are numerous opportunities available for those people who are eyeing for it. A number of companies have come into this arena with their work and is in search of right candidates who can do their work attentively. As millions of people are ready to do this work but the question is how many people actually have passion, determination, enthusiasm, consistency and so on. Few of the opportunities are given below:

Web development

Web designing

Content for websites

Articles, press releases, bog writing

Legal coding

Medical coding

Online marketing

Online surveys

And many more

In spite of these opportunities, there are many other opportunities which are available over the internet and can be discovered by effectively browsing the internet.

Let me bring out the negative side of online part time jobs too, as a matter of fact; every thing is embellished with demerits and merits. Scam is a black blot in this job, and has spoiled the nature of this work. The situation has reached to the point that new comers have to think a lot about it. To find legitimate work is really tough task for novice jobs seekers, because, there are many illegitimate websites looking for people who are innocent and new to this trade. Before moving into this trade, you must study about all these sites which are involved herein. First and foremost before picking any website try to study about its track record and keep in touch with social network. Secondly, seek the opinion of people who are working in this field.

Advantages of online part time jobs:

In comparison to offline part time jobs, online counterpart is more beneficial. So as to accomplish this job, you do not need to face all the day to day turmoils which are in the form of traffic jams, long queues at the bus stop, waiting for cab, and the list goes on. On account of these reasons, you may also have to face humiliation in front of the colleagues. With the help of online jobs, you can avoid all such unfriendly situations.

Source by Rogelio Turner

How to Make Lots of Money From Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Lots of Money From Affiliate Marketing

There are more than hundred ways to make money on the internet. Among all the ways, the most convenient way to earn a steady income is affiliate marketing. Most of us have heard about the concept but have doubts regarding the success and stability. To make money from affiliate marketing, one needs to understand the primary idea of the process. In simple terms, it can be defined as the process of promoting products/services of a particular company on one’s blog or website for commission. The process is relatively straightforward to understand and benefits both associated parties i.e. the company and affiliate, alike.

Where to start?

To become an affiliate, you must start with a niche for selecting products. The best part of affiliate marketing is the fact that you can concentrate on any kind of product or service line as there are unique affiliate programs for everything that is sellable. If you are an ardent blogger, you can select products that match the theme of your blog or website. As for novices, a single Google search can help in finding potential products for marketing. As an affiliate, your aim should be maximizing incomes from commissions. You need to find those companies that offer larger margins on products are popular among professional affiliates.

Once you know the right niche and products you want to focus, the next step is to set up a blog or website. If you can spend some extra money on maintaining and hosting a website, it is wise to make the investment. Alternatively, you can opt for blogs, which you can easily do with WordPress. Renowned for being the most popular blogging software, WordPress is remarkably easy to use. You can customize your blog according to the product niche you have chosen and can start promoting the products. You can use WordPress extraordinarily effectively for your business, without holding any prior experience of handling blogs.

Writing and value of content:

To make money from affiliate marketing, you must start with product reviews and overviews. It is pertinent to mention that the product reviews and other content featuring on the site are directly related to rankings. In short, the more unique and valuable your product reviews are, the better are your rankings on search engines. If your blog or website is placed positively on leading search engines, you can attract more viewers for your blog, which will, in turn, magnify your earnings.

Further maintenance and continuous money making:

Once you start earning from your blog, you need to ensure that you are regular with your clients. Most popular bloggers around the world have a set of loyal readers, who stick by him for his views and write-ups. Unless you know the ways to hold your views, your position will soon become static. You must try to explore more products and services in your chosen niche and feed your blog with regular content to ensure flow of money and viewership. With time, you will notice that you are already a popular blogger and have ample income to pursue affiliate marketing as a full time business.

Source by Cindy Siow

How To Make Extra Money During Coronavirus Lockdown 2021