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Month: August 2020

Advantages to Having a Foldable Engine Hoist

Advantages to Having a Foldable Engine Hoist

A foldable engine hoist comes in a few different sizes to lift different capacities of weight. You can find some heavy duty machines that will lift as much as 1 and 2 tons. The advantage to using a hoist that can fold is the ability to save some space. For a full size equipped garage or auto shop, space can be a precious commodity to have for working on cars. There are a lot of different tools and machines that are used such as hydraulic lifts that can take up a lot of space.

The folding unit also is better for the basic homeowner to use if they just want to do repair work in their own garage. The engine hoist is a necessary machine if you want to service the engines of vehicles. By being able to lift the engine out of the car or truck you can better access the parts of it. You also have the ability of replacing a whole engine if you need to. The engine hoists come in varying sizes and weight capacities so you can purchase a smaller unit for use with a home repair service.

If you want to make some extra money and know how to work on cars, then having a side business out of your home is a practical idea. You might not have the full function service abilities as a professional auto shop, but you can pick up some of the equipment to help with your repair work. If you can’t afford the price of a new foldable engine hoist, you can look for a used one. You might find a hoist for sale in your local newspaper classifieds or on the Internet. It’s definitely a tool that is worth having if you want to work on car and engine repairs.

Source by Sean Dedman

Making Extra Income From Home

Making Extra Income From Home

Generating an online income

With the internet opening up opportunities for people to work from home, is something that more and more people are trying to do. The problem is that most people don’t know where to start or what action to take to generate income online. Do you have trouble trying to make money from home? If so I’ve written this article because I believe I can help you get started to make money from the comfort of your home. This article will show you three ways that you can do that. First up we’ll discuss Affiliate Marketing, and then we’re gonna move on to taking Paid Surveys, and finally, we’re gonna discuss making money through Social Media.

Affiliate Marketing:

In the simplest terms, affiliate marketing is getting as many eyes on a product or program to look in the direction of its presence and benefit to the world. Many major companies offer an affiliate program to also help promote their products. Those major companies already understand the more eyes, the better sales. Finding a niche of your choice will probably be the easiest part of deciding on what sorts of products you would like to promote. Hobbies become a huge part of niche selection. Heres a few quick steps to take to begin generating an income online through affiliate marketing.

Step 1:

Select a niche of choice and do research on the niche to have a better approach to it before going in-depth with it.

Step 2:

Do research on the different number of affiliate programs and products to promote and make a commission off of.

Step 3:

Build a site or have a site created for you based on your niche selection.

Step 4:

Be as creative and unique as possible to create content. Using your mind and creativity will give you a better chance of creating an audience and following.

Step 5:

Building a solid following and audience is key to your business and site.

Step 6:

Promote the product or program. Getting as many eyes on the product to someone of interest or in need is very important. That’s what an affiliates purpose is to do.

Step 7:

The final step is to repeat steps #4-7 over and over again until your goal is reached.

Paid Surveys:

Paid surveys are much-needed from companies that range from small to big. The feedback of people around the world that have tried these products has a huge impact towards the company. This feedback is important in a few different ways. There’s even a way to MAKE MONEY from it. Your feedback determines the progress of present products and gives a helpful insight on a product that was purchased. There are plenty of paid survey sites. Most survey sites you come across are legit sites that allow you to earn real rewards. Rewards that vary from cash to gift cards. Heres a list of a few paid survey sites:





That’s just to name a few. Do your own research to see other surveys that offer paid rewards that can benefit you down the line. Good luck with finding something suitable and comfortable for you.

Social Media:

Making money through social media is something many people don’t know about. It’s becoming pretty big due to the fact that many people are trying to get their products, brands, and programs out into the world. That’s a very helpful step in the right direction when you’re building an empire. The more fans and followings you have will no doubt increase as so does the improvement of the product. Being creative and creating a format will stand out more so than any other beginning level competitors. Of course, it’s not recommended to try competing with major prestige like companies, but being confident in yourself is a key factor in building a platform and generating income online. Believing in yourself and your product more than anyone else will push you to become a better person and knowing you have something beneficial to offer to the world. Social Media platforms vary from:







The number of platforms to choose from is almost limitless but it’s best to choose the social media platform you are most comfortable with to help benefit your progress.

Source by Christopher Foster

4 Good Reasons to Become a Kid Model

4 Good Reasons to Become a Kid Model

The market for kid model is getting bigger. There are a few reasons why kid modeling is a booming industry.

Parents are Realizing the Importance of Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an important life skill that must be developed from a young age. As more parents get educated, they start to learn how self-confidence can make a difference for their kid’s early growth. Through modeling, a kid can learn to express more lively and bravely. This confidence they gain through their modeling experience can be used in other areas of their life, such as studies, sports, art, human relationships etcetera.

Exposure to the Industry at a Young Age

Besides studies and school, parents are also realizing the importance of extracurricular knowledge. Exposure to the business world and how the industry runs is very useful knowledge for a kid. Through modeling, they get to meet different clients, crew and cast members. The experience can be enriching and unique from their other friends and what they learn in school.

To sum it up in one word, research. Never accept any offer on the table without proper background study done on the agency. Schedule your interview in advance so that you have time to do your research and prepare for your modeling career. Even if you earn little at the start a credible agency will guide you to your eventual success, whereas scam agencies promise you the world and end up robbing your dreams away.

Making Extra Money

The economy is getting is in bad shape. More workers are getting retrenched and more families are in need of utilizing whatever means they can to make a little extra income. Kid modeling is one way to make some side income. Modeling has a flexible timing and doesn’t take up too much time, so it is an easy job to juggle your full-time work, studies or other commitments with. But don’t consider this as the sole reason to put your little one into modeling.

Have Fun and Spend Time with your Kids

If your kid enjoys showing off to the camera, then modeling becomes very fun and your kid will surely enjoy the whole experience. This will also be a time where you spend talking, teaching and guiding your kid, teaching values such as patience and hard work.

With the support of parents and right guidance, kids will get a good start in modeling and may become very successful.

Source by Rachel Evan

9 Steps to Beating Redundancy

9 Steps to Beating Redundancy

Be positive

First of all, be clear that being made redundant is not the same thing as being sacked. In a nutshell, redundancy happens when you’re dismissed from your employment because your job no longer exists, not because you’re at fault. It’s hard but try not to take it too personally. And remember that when it comes to finding a new job, you will have far more experience and contacts than some young buck just out of university. Employers value these things, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t find a new job quickly.

Things to do before you leave

Redundancy can come as an extremely nasty shock, and you may want to get out of your place of work as fast as your legs will carry you. However, slow down as there are several steps you can take which will make your situation much easier to deal with in the long run. Before you go, leave the office furniture but do grab the following:

  • Your P45
  • Written details of your redundancy package – including a statement showing how your benefits have been calculated and information on your pension rights.
  • Contact details for your line manager, trade union representative (if you have one) and someone approachable from the human resources department.

These things are especially important if you have a grievance against your employer. Your trade union representative can then be a big help, and you can also get assistance from the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and the Trade Union Congress’s workSMART website.

Take stock of your career

Every cloud has a silver lining and while it may not feel like it that applies to redundancy too. Use it to re-evaluate your career goals, consider a change of direction. Getting off the treadmill for a while can give you fresh impetus when you get back on, especially if you…

Gain new skills

A valuable way to use your time while looking for work is to update or broaden your skills set. Any new skills will be useful to have in themselves, but they will also show employers that you are motivated and have initiative. What’s more some courses reduce their fees for people who aren’t in full-time employment, and others cost nothing at all!

Earn money on the side

While you’re looking for another job, there are loads of ways for you to make a bit of extra cash to tide you over. From being a market researcher to being an Avon lady or walking-dogs, there’s loads you could try – you’re bound to find something you enjoy.

Save money on the side

Obviously not having a steady income means you’ll want to be particularly careful with what you spend, so it is a perfect time to spring clean your finances and make sure you have the best deal possible on your mortgage, your energy supplier, your phone or your utilities. Check out your current and savings accounts- could you get a better deal? Why not do your shopping on a cash-back site? These small things might slip under the radar while you are earning, but there are always real savings to be made.

Revitalize your CV

Obviously to get a new job you will need to start making applications, and that will undoubtedly mean sending off a CV. Get thinking about it to give yourself the best chance of making an impression. To stand out from the crowd tailor it for each application, emphasising the experience that is most relevant to that particular employer.

A particularly good idea is to send your CV as pdf file. Not only will it look more professional and slick, it will show off your technical expertise. Using a free converter like Doc2pdf will easily convert your existing text CV.

Get Networking

Did you know that the vast majority of jobs are found through connections, with a majority never even being advertised? The value of having good contacts is greatly underestimated when it comes to finding the right job, so get out there and get networking. A business card and a friendly attitude is all you need!

Consider Consultancy

If you have significant experience in your profession, why not become a consultant? In theory you can become a consultant in anything and there are loads of benefits to being your own boss. For some great tips on how to do it, check out Entrepreneur.com, the Institute of Business Consulting and Businesslink.

Obviously we hope that you never need the advice here. But if it does, remember that redundancy isn’t your fault so there’s no reason why it should harm your long-term prospects. Good luck!

Source by Jasmine Birtles

Global Domains International’s Premium Package

Global Domains International’s Premium Package

I’m pretty sure anyone who has researched something about affiliate programs has came across Global Domains International. If not, then please keep reading below.

What is Global Domains International?

Global Domains International, or GDI, is a respected company founded in 1998. Their primary service to customers is to sell domain names with the.ws extension, as well as host them. Recently, Global Domains International was ranked #37 in USA’s Inc. magazine as one of the fastest growing companies. They have also branded themselves with top sponsors such as, BMW, Yahoo, UPS, Bose, Kodak, Ebay, and more.

Affiliate Program?

The reason this company is probably growing so fast is their great affiliate program. To begin in the program you sign up with a 7 day risk free trial. After the trial you go on to paying $10/month, which is not too bad for getting a domain name and hosting. In order to make money off of their affiliate program you have to refer people to join GDI. For every person who signs up with GDI under you you make $1. This may not seem like much, but it can add up because you can also make $1 when one of your referred customer makes a person sign up with GDI. This affiliate program goes 5 levels deep, but has unlimited width meaning you can refer as many people as you want, as well as people below you too.


GDI also offers a bonus program. If you sign up five people within Monday morning and Sunday night every week, you earn $100 bonus for every five people. If you sign up 50 people within the week period, you earn a $1000 bonus for every 50 people.

New Premium Package or Membership?

Just starting today on May 21st or 20th, GDI has come out with a new Premium package where affiliates can upgrade to paying $40/month instead, but they get an even greater investment in return. The package includes more email space, more emails per domain, more gallary storage for your website, more hosting storage, but most of all bigger percent of commissions! For everyone is your level one of your downline, you have the opportunity to get paid $15 (14x more). For everyone in your 2-5 levels of your downline, you get paid $5 per person (4x more). With this offer on commissions, you can make a full return with just three referrals. They also give out 3 1 month free subscriptions to the premium user every month to give away.

Is GDI legit?

From personal standpoint, I know GDI is legit. I make enough extra income to actually enjoy my life the way I want and with this new premium package, I earn money even quicker and faster.

http://domainfortune.ws – Learn more

Source by Nick Pettit

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work As An Online Business?

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work As An Online Business?

Affiliate marketing is one branch of the internet profit tree. It works when you generate targeted traffic to a particular website selling a product for which you get commission on each and every sale. You don’t own the product and your job is to come up with creative ways to connect a prospective customer to the product landing page.

Here’s an example of how affiliate marketing works:

An online entrepreneur decides to sell a popular “How Lose Weight After Pregnancy” information product. She goes onto the internet, and visits the ClickBank Marketplace and looks up the weight loss products. There, she is presented with a choice of maybe a dozen different products to sell and decides on one whose sales page and statistics prove it converts well.

She clicks “get hop link,” which incorporates her own unique ClickBank ID into the URL. She can then take the new URL and includes it somewhere in her sales funnel. When someone reads her sales material (an article, social media post, a pay per click ad, a YouTube video, etc, which pre-sells the product), and they click through to the sales page and buy it, she gets the affiliate commission – usually 50-80% of the price of the product.

Of course, she wasn’t limited to selling products from ClickBank. There are other top paying affiliate programs out there. Large websites like Amazon.com and Wal-Mart and others have affiliate programs, too.

Low Start Up Cost

If you want to start affiliate marketing you don’t have to spend loads of money to get started. The basics include a website domain, hosting, and some advertising (if you want to). But it’s not a necessity to get the ball rolling. The investment you’ll be making will be effort, not cash.

No Product Creation

When you start affiliate marketing, you don’t have to create any products. You’re the middleman. That means you go into a niche to bring together buyers and sellers. You’re the liaison between the two.

Become The Go-To Person

The key to becoming a successful affiliate is to build a list of email subscribers and become their go-to person whenever they need advice. Someone they can trust. Building a stronger rapport with your readers will increase conversions. If you take the time to review and maybe even put into practice some of the products and share your results, that will help you convert more sales.

Affiliate marketing is right for just about everybody. Even product creators adopt an affiliate strategy to complement the product development branch of their business. You don’t even need sales experience to become a great affiliate. Your job isn’t to sell the customer, but to connect them to the solution that they’re seeking.

Source by Jon Allo

The Mysterious Pyramids Discovered in Antarctica

The Mysterious Pyramids Discovered in Antarctica

In one of the most important discoveries of the century, three ancient pyramids like structures have been discovered in the Antarctic by a team of American and European scientists. Two of the pyramids were about 16 kilometers inland, while the third one was within close proximity of the coastline. The first reports about the pyramids appeared in western mass media last year.

Currently very little is known about the pyramids and the team of scientists continues to keep silent about the discovery. The only reliable information provided by the scientists so far was that they were planning an expedition to the pyramids to research them more thoroughly and determine for sure whether the structures were artificial or natural.

This discovery has led to many speculations and theories about the origin of the structures. The internet is abuzz with many stories about the strange structures some of which are discussed below in brief.

Theory of Existence of an Ancient Civilization

Antarctica has been one of the most mysterious continents for decades. Many researchers suggest there’s more to Antarctica than snow and ice. Around 170 million years ago, the now icy continent was part of a supercontinent called Gondwana. And some 45 million years ago, Antarctica said to have broken off.

During Antarctica’s long history, the continent was said to be located farther north with a rich tropical climate. What we see now as ice and snow were in the distant past lush green forests inhabited by various ancient life forms.

Jane Francis of the University of Leeds told the BBC in an interview that “I still find the idea that Antarctica was once forested absolutely mind-boggling,” we take it for granted that Antarctica has always been a frozen wilderness, but the ice caps only appeared relatively recently in geological history.”

So, if Antarctica was this entirely ‘beautiful’ continent in the distant past, with massive jungles and ancient lifeforms, is there a chance human civilization could have flourished there? That’s something extremely difficult to research as expeditions in Antarctica are extremely difficult and usually involves the great amount of money. The terrain is such that without proper equipment, human beings wouldn’t last very long on the continent and that makes it tremendously challenging for researchers to study the continent.

So far experts have discovered pollen in samples taken from Antarctica. This means that at some point in history, the temperature there was around 20 degrees Celsius.In 2012, experts from Nevada’s Desert Research Institute found 32 species of bacteria from Lake Vida, eastern Antarctica. These findings prove that in the distant past, the climate on Antarctica was very different and probably habitable.

This has led to the theory that just as there were ancient civilizations in Asia, Europe, and Africa, similar human civilization may have advanced on Antarctica, creating fascinating structures and apparently even Pyramids.

Geological Theory

Some geologists are of the opinion that the steep, pyramid-like sides are likely the work of hundreds of millions of years of erosion.

“This is just a mountain that looks like a pyramid,” Eric Rignot, a professor of Earth system science at the University of California, Irvine, told Live Science in an email. “Pyramid shapes are not impossible – many peaks partially look like pyramids, but they only have one to two faces like that, rarely four.”

Freeze-thaw erosion likely led to its pyramid-like shape, Pelto said. This transpires when snow or water fills up cracks within a mountain during the day when the ice melts. When temperatures drop at night, the snow freezes and expands, turning into ice. The expanding ice causes the cracks to grow, Pelto said.

This freeze-thaw erosion happens countless times, creating larger cracks that can, eventually, make entire rock sections break off, he said. These forces likely shaped pyramidal mountains, he said.

Three of the four sides of the mountain look to have eroded at about the same rate. “It suggests, since it came out so evenly, that the rock type is fairly uniform,” Pelto said. “You don’t have any rock layers that are harder to erode.”

In other words, the nameless mountain is probably “all in one rock layer,” Pelto said. “It’s not a very big mountain, so it’s not that surprising.”

However, the eastern ridge of the mountain instead of descending downward like the other ridges, extends east, rising toward even higher terrain, Pelto said.

“The erosion probably wasn’t as uniform [on the eastern side],” he said.

Pelto added that although some news outlets are saying that the mountain is newly discovered, that’s very unlikely to be the case. There’s a research base for climate scientists to the south of the mountain in an area known as the Patriot Hills.

“You can actually probably see this mountain from up there in the Patriot Hills,” Pelto said.

Theory of Extra-Terrestrial Presence

Some conspiracy theorists who believe in the existence of aliens or extraterrestrials and have been claiming pyramids prove that aliens have at some point visited or inhabited the earth. Pyramids are of great interest to conspiracy theorists that associate them with alien presence and related mystery.

The author of UFO Investigations Manual Nigel Watson feels that photos of pyramid structures are usually photoshopped, where the actual image is often cropped to make mountains bear a resemblance to pyramids.

Source by Hamsha Naidu

Start a Business Selling Tutus

Start a Business Selling Tutus

Lets face it, the economy doesn’t seem to be getting better and sometimes stay at home moms options are very limited when it comes to trying to bring in a second income. More and more women are turning to home based businesses to help ease some of the burden off their spouses.

Putting your creativity to the test and selling your creations can prove to be a successful money maker.

I started selling tutus on Craigslist, eBay and by word of mouth. The response was surprising and I was making close to $500 a month when I first started. It may not seem like much, but to a stay at home mom, that extra cash helped usgreg through tough times. My husband was self employed and worked from home, so the income he was bringing in at the time wasn’t steady. That extra couple of hundred dollars would cover groceries.

So whether you just want a little bit of extra money or you want to make it a full time business, making tutus to sell can be that home business your looking for.

Keep in mind that everybody and their mommas are making tutus, however there is still a market even when you’re first starting. Eventually you can create your very own tutu designs that will set you apart from the competition. Viewers spot lack of quality right away. Put a lot of effort into perfecting your technique and making sure you pay attention to detail when making your tutus.

What’s great about learning to make tutus is that even if you’re not as successful in selling them, you can still make the best gifts and save money since tutu materials are relatively inexpensive.

Here are some of the materials you will need to make a tutu

Rolls of tulle: 6″ by 25-yard rolls are best

Optional: Cutting Mat, Rotary Cutter and Quilters Lip Edge Ruler: The rotary cutter and mat make clean and even cuts. You can use Fabric Scissors if you cannot find the rotary cutter, mat and ruler. It will take much longer to cut though.

1/2″ Width Roll of Elastic. You can use an elastic headband for waist if you want a 100% non sew tutu. Non roll elastic is best. I would go no wider than 3/4″ width elastic

Needle and Thread: Sew ends of elastic together or use Stretchy Headband for a no sew waistband

Elastic Waistband Construction:

1: Measure and cut elastic 2-3″ smaller than measurement, that way the waistband will be snug around the child’s waist. Overlap the ends of the elastic at least 1/2-1″ and sew both ends of elastic together. This is the only time you will be sewing. If you’re unable to sew, use a stretchy headband.

2: You will need between 1-3 rolls for a baby/toddler tutu. For 4 years and up, start with 3-4 rolls. This estimate is for slightly above knee length tutus. Adjust number of roll accordingly.

To cut the length of the strips, you can place at least two rolls evenly on top of each other on top of the cutting mat and unroll the tulle. Line up the tulle edge on the 0″ mark of the cutting mat and cut the tulle to the desired length using a rotary cutter. Placing a quilter lip edge ruler where you want to make your cut and rolling the rotary cutter using the edge of the ruler as a guide can help prevent accidents.

The length of the tutu can be calculated by multiplying the desired tutu length by 2 and then adding an additional 2″ to compensate for the knot you will be tying. Example: tutu length (12″) x 2 = 24 + 2 = 26. Cut each strip to 26″ long. Your measurement may be different.

3: Fold the tulle strip in half to resemble an upside down “U”. Bring the folded end behind the elastic waistband. This will create a loop behind and above the top edge of the elastic.

4: From the one folded strip, you will notice two “tails” hanging. Take both tail ends of the tulle strip through the loop you have created and pull down to tighten. Make sure not to pull it too tight as that can over stretch the elastic. It takes some practice getting it right.

5: Tying double knots is another way to attach your tulle to the waistband. Continue to tie your knots until you reach the other side. You can tie additional knots to fill in any bare areas. Aim to tie at least 4-5 knots per inch of your original waist measurement. So if you have an 20″ waistband, you should be able to fit between 80-100 strips.

If the waistband over stretches, cut the elastic and resew to the original waist measurement.

Embellish your tutu once you’ve completed the steps above.

Once you’ve perfected your technique, you can start thinking about selling your tutus. Look around online and compile a list of tutu sellers and see what they charge. This will help you determine a fair price.

Start off by selling online or post photos of your tutus on your Facebook account. You’re bound to get some word of mouth advertising on there. Advertising at local ballet schools might be one route to go. Just make sure it’s not just a basic tutu. Take beautiful photos, because no matter how beautiful a tutu may be, no one is going to see that in a poorly lit and cluttered background. Find what catches your eye and improve on it.

My new favorite website to get ideas is Pinterest. Use it and when you create your website, you can start using Pinterest as a marketing tool.

One more important thing about selling… Make sure the materials and tutus are labeled in accordance with new CPSIA labeling laws for children’s products. As of February 2009, all children’s products sold must conform to all aspects of the law and safety standards, including the new lead content and phthalates limits. This is governed by the CPSIA.

Most tulle manufacturers should state on their website if their tulle conforms with CPSIA standards.

Source by Jessica Constantin

How to Make More Money As a CNA

How to Make More Money As a CNA

The other day a co-worker told me about her salary journey as a CNA. After completing her CNA classes she immediately started to look for a job and was a little shocked to see that the pay rates were surprisingly low. But she was confident and decided that she wanted to be a CNA not primarily because of the salary, but in order to help others and hoped that with more experience her salary would go up. Now it is five years later and her CNA salary has indeed increased, however, not as much she’d have liked. In my opinion, it really is a huge problem for many CNA who put their heart and time into this demanding job and the income doesn’t increase much with time. Therefore, here are four options to help you maximize the money you can make as CNA.

Location, Location, Location

Do you know that the starting pay of a CNA varies widely between different states? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics CNA earn an average annual salary of $24,190 or $11.63 per hour (2011 data). However, depending on the state you work in the actual salary could be $23,500 (in Iowa) or $32,000 (in New York) or anywhere in-between. Therefore, if you are mobile and want to travel you stand a good chance to increase your salary as a CNA simply by moving to a different state.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. The cost of living in or near New York is notably higher than the cost of living in Iowa. Thus, although your income can be 35% higher in New York, you might end up having less in the bank after rent, taxes and food. However, though they may be an expensive states to live in – who wouldn’t desire to move to New York City or Hawaii?

Consider that if you move to another state, you also have to transfer your CNA license. To do so visit the website of the state’s Nurse’s Aide Registry and find out how you can transfer your license to this state. Alternatively, in case you are still thinking of becoming a CNA and want to explore the United States, You can also move to your preferred state after your initial training and obtain the CNA license there directly. It saves time and money.

Not All Work Settings Are Equal

With a CNA license you can find work in numerous settings. You could start in nursing facilities, community care facilities, hospitals, or possibly even as a home health aide. Depending on the place you go the salary can be quite different.

Nursing Homes

Many certified nursing assistants have told me that the salary in long term care facilities is typically not as high as that in hospitals. The difference is not excessive, but it is there. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider working in a nursing home. It is a great place to start your career. In addition, there are other opportunities to raise your income even without a change in your pay rate. There is for example a weekend differential and time and a half for call-in and usually 2x the regular rate for shifts on major holidays. Because many nursing facilities are tight with staffing you may as well have the opportunity snatch up extra hours, which can substantially improve your salary as a CNA.

Community Care Facilities

Community Care Facilities are like long term care facilities, but depending on their license status often house patients with less need for personal care than nursing home patients. It is therefore a good option if you’re looking to dedicate most of your energy towards the individual patient, but it also has a pay that is about $1 per hour lower than that in long term care facilities.


To many the hospital is the most exciting place to be as a CNA. It opens a range of opportunities as a result of the large variety of work settings. For example, it is possible to work in the maternity unit, the medical/surgical floor or emergency room. But hospital work is not just exciting, it is also rewarding money-wise. Generally hospitals pay the highest CNA salary. As an added bonus you can also gain a lot of experience within a short time period, which can help greatly to negotiate a salary increase in your next job.

Home Health Aide

You know, there’s misconception around that a CNA can earn up to $20 hourly by working for private-paying clients. This is certainly true in some lucky cases, but not for the majority. The reason is that this amount of money typically is only paid for supervised home health, which means there must be a registered nurse that takes care of the patient and supervises your work. In this case the agency makes the $20 per hour of which she pays $11, something to the nurse and keeps the rest.

You may still work directly with the client, but only if your care is “unskilled”, meaning that you aren’t caring so much for the patient’s health, but the household. The going rate for this particular position is typically less than $20 per hours and needs no certification ($18 per hours is high). It’s also work difficult to find.

Instead you can arrange to work as a CNA through a home health agency. It will be relatively easy to actually find work because your CNA license requires more training than that of a home health aide. Your education provides an edge. Pay rates tend to be below those in hospitals, but they can come with the advantage that you care for just one patient at a time instead of many. So when you really want to take care of your patients this is a great way to start.

And you could even be able to do something regarding your income. Some agencies cover the cost of the gas needed to drive to your client. This increases your pay and is also tax-free. For instance, if you make $100 per month on gas payment then your corresponding salary value is roughly $125 since you don’t pay taxes. Agencies also pay 1.5x for over time and may be open to pay more when a case needs to be filled urgently.


Experience certainly helps. When a friend of mine started to work her salary was really low, however the contract she had with her employer guaranteed a raise each year due to her increased experience. When she finally left her job to search for another one her salary had gone up by $2 hourly because she already had several years of experience in multiple work settings.

For this reason it pays to work in various settings in your work place (e.g. hospital) or accept a diverse mix of cases when you’re in home health. Also ask your employer if they pay for continuing education courses – something that will most certainly look nice on your resume.


Lastly, don’t forget to consider the perks. I stated earlier how getting money for gas can get you a great 5% – 10% salary increase. But there are more options such as matching 401k (the employer contributes to your 401k the same amount of money you put in), insurance options, over time pay and paid vacation. Thus, when you search for your very first job right after you completed your CNA training it will help to interview with several potential employers and have a closer look at the offer they provide you with. There can be perks in the details that significantly improve your income.

Source by Thomas Adler

BeeOne-Review: The Scheme and How It Works

BeeOne-Review: The Scheme and How It Works

BeeOne is owned and headed by Subash George Manuel, CEO. BeeOne is a Cashback scheme where you can convert your cash back or rewards to Cryptocurrency. Thus you can turn your spending into an investment. BeeOne allows you to get cash back & Points from your daily shopping and their loyalty platform are linked with a cryptocurrency called Cryptocarbon.

BeeOne-Reviews: Cash Back System

BeeOne is a cashback/points based reward system that returns money to you when you spend. They set up the company to allow other affiliates to sell and purchase just about any different product, from your tele bill to your electric. There are hundreds and thousands of different places to get discounts on that are a part of the BeeOne network.

BeeOne Affiliate Plan: How You Get Compensated

If the business works for you on purchasing products you already enjoy then that’s one function of BeeOne. The other side of BeeOne allows you to make commissions from referrals of people that buy and enjoy the products listed on the eCommerce side of the business.

It’s just another way for you to tell your friends to promote the side and everyone wins. Once the money is paid to join the business side then reach out to people that are interested in cash back savings and you both get compensated.

“Referral bonus will also be paid from more levels of referrals based on the product/service sold through the platform. Please check the number of levels and the percentage and criteria before you make any purchase. Not all products and services have referral bonus attached.”

BeeOne Hierarchy

You can be a part of many different memberships and the compensation depends on where you are at. For example:

• Gold – pay £49.99 GBP for a Gold affiliate membership

• Perfect Living – pay £199 GBP for a Perfect Living affiliate membership

• Executive – generate 250 BV

• Senior Executive – generate 1000 BV

• Manager – generate 2500 BV

• Executive Manager – personally recruit and maintain two Manager ranked affiliates and generate 7500 BV (no more than 2500 BV from two unilevel legs counted)

• Gold Manager – have two Executive Manager ranked affiliates in two separate unilevel legs and generate 30,000 BV (no more than 7500 BV from each Executive Manager leg)

• DiamondManager – have three Gold Manager ranked affiliates in separate unilevel legs

• Gold Diamond Manager – have three Diamond Manager ranked affiliates in separate unilevel legs

• Crown DiamondManager – have five Gold Manager ranked affiliates in separate unilevel legs

Earning Caps

Upon starting BeeOne as an affiliate you become capped on each rank along the way:

• Gold – £250 GBP

• Perfect Living – £500 GBP

• Executive – £750 GBP

• Senior Executive – £1000 GBP

• Manager – £2500 GBP

• Executive Manager – £5000 GBP

• Gold Manager – £7500 GBP

• Diamond Manager – £12,500 GBP

• Gold Diamond Manager – £15,000 GBP

• Crown Diamond Manager – £20,000 GBP

Building Your Repurchase Account

For the affiliate program you receive commissions and once you get them 50% go into this account. This allows you to pay all of your bills and buy all of the products you would normally buy with all of the great discounts.

You get commissions when you personally sponsor people who buy the products from any of the affiliates with BeeOne through the eCommerce website. These commissions can be used in BeeCoin and CryptoCarbon currencies.

Source by Aiswarya S

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