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Month: May 2020

How to Help Workers Adversely Affected by Coronavirus Economic Downturn

How to Help Workers Adversely Affected by Coronavirus Economic Downturn

Millions of workers around the globe have been adversely affected by the Coronavirus economic downturn, with severe financial hardship looming in many cases. It does not matter whether you have been stood down, have had your hours reduced or have closed the door on your business. Finding financial assistance and support during these uncertain times is now an imperative for many workers without their regular income.

Below is a list of options for immediate consideration in the plight towards assisting people during the Covid-19 pandemic, which is steering us towards a global recession.

 1 – Assistance to find a job

Do not despair and think that most jobs are closed until the lockdown is relaxed. Certain industries will require extra hands. The courier and delivery sector as an example are certainly short-staffed as they experience an unprecedented uptake in business. Those looking for work, can register with governmental, private agencies, or approach employers directly, to be matched with job opportunities in their local area.

2 – Register for Free online courses and upskilling opportunities

Make it your business to access online skill sets and micro-credentials in food service, community care, health support, customer engagement, digital literacy, and even cyber security. Use your downtime productively and efficiently, to upskill with short-term and fee-free courses for eligible participants within private and governmental sponsored programs.

Workers who lose their income or job due to the impacts of COVID-19 will in many cases be assisted with retraining, job-matching and other help to transition into jobs in key industries. There is a multitude of industries both on local and global levels that accept remote workers with specialized skills, especially those who have access to high-speed internet.

3 – Note changes to temporary work and visa arrangements

Certain Governments, including that of Australia, has made some changes to temporary visa holder arrangements. This enables visa holders to remain in key businesses and industries like agriculture (especially seasonal workers), working holidaymakers, aged care, and nursing. The usual self-quarantine period of 14 days will be applicable, before commencing work.

4 – Financial assistance for individuals

Your employer may be eligible to access a subsidy to continue paying you and retain you as an employee based on Unemployment Insurance deductions from your regular income over many years. If you have recently lost your regular employment because of COVID-19, engage your employer to see if there is a subsidy that would allow you to be re-engaged until business restrictions are lifted.

5 – Seek help to reduce your expenses

Whilst on your search for the next employment opportunity, it makes sense to reduce your expenses wherever possible. Many financial institutions and utility companies are offering relief during this unprecedented time. It is certainly worth approaching your service providers to seek help. They may grant a payment relief extension during Covid-19 or allow you to temporarily stretch your instalments. It is imperative that you call your bank if you need flexibility with finance, loans, and debt, but talk to them sooner rather than later.

6 – Check your rights and entitlements

Here the options are limitless but do find out about; awards and wages, flexible working arrangements, leave entitlements, health, safety, and workplace conditions. Learn about Coronavirus workplace risk management, personal protective equipment, self-quarantine, and telecommuting. You need to find out about the home office expenses you may be able to claim if you are working from home.

7 – Investigate profitable programs on how to make extra money on the side

There are many legitimate online money-making programs that can be explored, especially those linked to affiliate marketing. You do however need to do due diligence to separate the genuine from the scams, especially those that promise the world but never deliver. For access to authentic programs on how to make money online during the Covid-19 pandemic, please go to the Products Page.

Beyond all the above, also ensure that you have access to information, strategies, and advice to help you manage your personal well-being and mental health during this most difficult period. Workers need all the help they can get during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19 is a global economic disrupter and not about to go away soon.

So….Be Prepared For 

Coronavirus Global Economic Downturn


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