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My Dear Friends,

The COVID-19 Pandemic is now moving at a speed that the world had not anticipated. With the recent lockdown, the Coronavirus impacts all our lives, with many people already feeling the negative repercussions very strongly.

In an alarming Dec 2019 article in CNBC, Morgan Stanley has even proclaimed that we may see the “MOTHER OF ALL RECESSIONS” in 2020. In previous recessions, people lost jobs, livelihoods and assets.

Imagine what could happen if the Coronavirus continues unabated? It will be an economic tsunami! You have an obligation to protect your finances, your family and assets at any cost.

Sectors that depend on discretionary consumer spending the most, will suffer the strongest impact from the crisis.

In addition to those sectors hardest hit, the ongoing decline in consumer spending will affect other sectors such as Retail Trade, Wholesale Trade, and Manufacturing, which are already witnessing declining figures.

  • The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Global Pandemic has undoubtedly brought massive, rapid, and ongoing changes to how people interact with their surroundings.
  • It is believed that extreme social distancing is pretty much the only intervention available to help individuals stay healthy, and to break the chain of transmission.

As an overall result, many countries around the globe has opted for some degree of “Covid-19 lockdown”, with restaurants and bars, shops, schools and gyms closed. Citizens are required, or at least strongly encouraged, to stay home to avoid catching or spreading the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

The purpose of a lockdown is to reduce reproduction or alternatively, to reduce the number of people each confirmed case infects.

Under lockdown conditions, people are confined to their homes and only allowed out under special circumstances. Certain businesses and corporates have employed a “work from home” policy.

But as with everything else, there is also a financial cost involved here. Whether the daily commute falls away because of working from home or a workplace is closed, many people are still extremely worried about their finances.

Are you one of those living from paycheck to paycheck or just worried about future cash-flows during these challenging times?

Are you a Freelancer, Contractor or Independent Consultant?

If so, then you are in the most danger if things go horribly wrong and

Companies start Cutting Jobs or Reduce Salaries because of Covid-19.

So, what are you doing to prepare for this economic meltdown?

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How To Make Extra Money During Coronavirus Lockdown 2021